Annual Pricing

(Andrew Miles) #1

will Zwift consider a discounted annual fee as opposed to monthly or as well as?

for your overseas clients we seem to be disadvantaged in that 10 USD does not get converted correctly to our local currency. It is also my understanding that taxes are only due on tangible goods.

not only do we get to pay an inflated price but to transact each month attracts a fee. So it would be far more beneficial for us to transact once , you get your money and we get to ride and we don’t have to keep doing this monthly transaction. Sure there will be users that want to remain on monthly but at least offer the option like Trainer Road, Sufferfest, FulGaz etc

(Paul Allen) #2

You can get a gift certificate:

Or this:

(Andrew Miles) #3

180 bucks are you kidding me. I only pay 120 now…

Trainer Road and sufferfest…Reduce NOT increase for LOYALTY

(Stuart Middlecoate) #4

The gift certificate price is probably based on the new pricing structure whereas I guess you are on the old pricing.  When that year expires it will work out better value.