Annual membership and direct debits

I understand that Zwift are to apply cannula membership packages… Does, this mean the direct debit option will disappear?.. I hope not it’s more convenient for me.

I think if they do away with direct debits, they’ll lose a lot of customers

Not a chance will they stop doing monthly direct debit.

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but i would not be completely surprised if the monthly fee increases and the annual membership costs the same as the current monthly fee does

Personally I think if they want more money they should start charging the runners, and maybe do a price for those who want to both cycle and run so say the existing £12.99 a month for cycling or running and let’s say £22.99 for those who want both



Shuji at Zwift HQ here. The Hub trainer + annual membership bundle can not be used with the Direct Debit payment method due to technical limitations.

We have no plans to remove Direct Debit as a payment option for monthly subscribers.

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Any plans to offer annual memberships outside of the Hub purchase? There seems to be an automatic renewal on those for another annual subscription, so you’d think this could be a generally available option.

Glad to hear @shooj , and thanks for the clarification