Annoying jumpy animation while passing another rider or while being passed

When passing another rider, or when being passed, one bike will often animate in annoying jumps. It looks like one rider is hitting the other with his shoulder.

Here’s an example from a Zwift Insider video:

I have seen it much worse - to the point where rather than draft with another rider, I have stopped pedaling to let the other rider get away just to get the immersion-breaking animation to stop. I also don’t want to ruin some other zwifter’s workout just because we’re riding at the same speed.

And that is just one of the reasons I ask other Zwifters to please not draft off of me. Most respect my request (9 out of 10) the others are not as nice.

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I don’t think I have seen this. Now I am going to look. :triumph:

The video is a low quality video (420p) als the Zwift graphics is not very high, look at the lack of shadows, I wonder if that does play a role?

No. I expect that’s just for screen recording. I play on a dedicated gaming PC (with a nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti) and see this issue regularly.

Paul, if they’re riding with the in-game chat turned off, will they even see your message?

If they don’t reply, I figure they have chat turned off or something else. I can drop them by dropping back a little and letting my HR go to the bottom of the zone I am training in and then pass them. They usually get the idea.

The 10% I am referring to make harassing comments and even worse. I don’t understand why they can not respect other Zwifters requests.

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Some people are precious…

I believe that jitter is caused by being on the edge of breaking out of the sticky draft. It is a good indicator for the following rider to back off the power a little to stay in the draft.

People who don’t like other riders around them can try disconnecting their internet connection after starting the game and reconnecting at the end. You’ll have the whole world to yourself and nobody to annoy you in between.

Will Zwift even work for you without internet? If I lose internet even for a brief moment the ride freezes permanently!

How does that solve the issue? Other Zwifters could also respect others wishes.

BTW, I’m not new to Zwift if you haven’t noticed.

Could we stick to the original topic, please? This is a bug report. If you wish to discuss the desire to ride by oneself, please start a new thread.

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Ok, what Zwift could do it to have draft on for ONlY Group rides, Races and Meet-Ups, all others (Free rides and workouts) would have draft disabled.

Nick, I rode this morning and focused to see the jumpy animation but did not see it. Are you sure Zwift use your GPU and not your onboard display?

Gerrie I notice it about every ride and I’m running a RX580 4GB overclock and have Zwift set to Ultra.

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Maybe my eyes are just old or I am so used to it that I don’t see it. LOL


As I said… precious.

Again, I believe that the jitter is a good indicator. It could be by design, or more likely a fortunate accident.

I do not think it is a bug.

It only happens when your speed is very close to that of the rider you’re overtaking.

No jitter on a clean overtake.

So you say I need to slow down…LOL :rofl: :rofl:

Go faster… or slower. lol

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