Announcing Zwift Play

Noticed this as well, feels like I have to steer at times to combat the worst racing line possible that the game is trying to get me to ride

I think it’s part of the tradeoff with steering. Yes you can pick your line and position by steering into an available space, but the flip side is that you become a movable object by others (especially those without steering). So if you run with steering enabled in a group event, you can’t eg. steer into a middle of the road line and expect yourself to stay there the rest of the ride. Steering requires attention and action throughout the event if there are others around you.

Bit like real life really, always got to keep an eye out in the group.

Overlapping wheels, sudden braking, pothole avoidance etc…

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Bought them yesterday, ridiculous to fit. The strapping needs to be longer. Spending 20 mins fighting to fit right controller is utter nonsense. Whilst i appreciate they may need to be a snug fit, requiring brute strength(whilst trying to avoid tearing) is silly. The wrap around fitting needs to be reviewed.

Used zwift play today during pace partners, braking a real bonus to avoid dropping the PP. Easy to use, didn’t need to reach for phone once and as an ATV user…so much better than the apple remote. Expensive but IMO a worthwhile purchase. Just hope they last.

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What handle bars do you have and what bar tape?

They are a bit snug so that they don’t move.

They need to be snug to prevent it from shifting around when pressing the button. I too spent awhile trying to get it on my handlebars. However, after taking them off and putting them back on it’s easier as the rubber stretches out a bit.

Are there plans to make the steering configurable?

Pull to steer feels very counterintuitive, for me it should be push to change direction.

I’m not sure I agree with that.
Pull the right lever to go right makes sense. Pull the left lever to go left. Makes sense also.
Push the left lever to go right, or push the right lever to go right. Neither of those make sense to me.

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I think I’d rather have one of the buttons for steering (pull or push, depending on which way you want to go), and the other dedicated to braking. Or maybe I just need some time to get used to the feel.

In free riding it would be annoying having collision detection especially on crowded routes. It would probably make overtaking difficult.

The Zwift Play controllers are aimed at road bikes therefore they should cater for all handle bars & different thickness of bar tape. No one buying them should have to consider new handle bars or replacing bar tape just to use them. There are bound to be different options for attaching whilst making them snug at the same time.

I’m just asking to get another data point.

I did not say get other handlebars or bar tape.

Has anyone asked why the Zwift Play are only Bluetooth?
Why not ANT+?
My main setup is a PC with ANT+ dongle. The PC does not have Bluetooth. The ANT+ dongle works well to pair the trainer and HR.
I had an iPad running the Companion App, but it was no longer supported at the end of May.
If I want to use the Zwift Play, I’ll have to get a Bluetooth dongle also since I cannot use the iPad Companion App any longer.
I used to use AppleTV, and the NPE CABLE device to bridge ANT+ to the AppleTV. But, since the Zwift Play is already Bluetooth, I doubt that will work if I wanted to go back to AppleTV.

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Adding a Bluetooth dongle is a easy and cheap option.

I don’t think the ANT+ protocol has steering.

I was very happy with the steering, and agree the breaking is helpful in this situation. But I’ve sent mine back as turned out they were defective. There was no acceleration button??!!

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I’ll be adding a Bluetooth dongle to my setup. I’ve read some reports about horrible interaction with Windows and Bluetooth in the past, so that has me concerned.
I was not aware the ANT+ protocol did not have steering. Thank you for that information.

You can use both ANT+ and Bluetooth.

ANT+ for power and controller.

Bluetooth for steering.

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That sounds like the best setup scenario.

I don’t think the ANT+ protocol itself cares about types of data beyond how it’s transmitted/acknowledged, so I think ANT+ will support steering. Either via a custom data field or an addition to the relevant profile. It’d be of pretty limited use if it couldn’t support future sensors!

The Sterzo Smart supports ANT+. Indeed, back when it was released, Zwift said ANT+ support was coming (I don’t recall whether it has been implemented).

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