Angled ‘Refracting’ line on the road | AMD Graphics [October 2022]

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Hello all,

I’m aware that this issue is ongoing for some, but not all Zwifters with AMD graphics cards. I’ve updated our development ticket.


I can confirm that this problem from 2020 still persists. Please raise the level of the ticket/bug. Its annoying and from year 2020 !!

Thank you.

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I’m now using a 6800 XT and this line follows me everywhere too. :pensive: Driver version 22.11.2

Here are some examples. See how it got bigger in the first picture. It has some black dots in it and it’s really annoying.

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So, this bug from 2020 is not fixed in Game Update 1.33 of January 2023 ?

I had an old driver on my machine - updated it a couple months ago and then noticed this issue. Not sure what version the old driver was, but it is annoying now. AMD 5 5600/RX580 - Win 10

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Another zwift fail in the making.

I’ve gone through too many its your driver issue problems only for things to miraculously fix themselves on the next zwift update. I am now getting this problem since the last zwift update and my graphics drivers have not updated in months and it worked fine before the last update.

when will zwift prorize stability? I turned zwift off for few months last year and it looks like I am going to be doing the same again, tired of issues.

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+1 (Radeon RX 6800)

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Zwift what’s the status? 3 years now!

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@Rowdy @shooj @Mike.W &co.

New season ahead, quite a few updates since… What is the status?

Thank you!

Hi all,

It looks like this issue is still open for some Zwifters. If you wouldn’t mind sharing a screentshot of what the issue looks like for you, along with your GPU model and driver, that would be helpful for further investigation.

This is not occurring for all Zwifters with AMD graphics, but it may be occurring for more Zwifters than are writing in. Thank you all for keeping up on this

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