Angled ‘Refracting’ line on the road | AMD Graphics [October 2022]

Additional image from Simon …

And one from Adrian …

I’ll resurrect this thread since it literally just started happening to me. Windows 10, purpose built machine just for Zwift, all up to date, AMD Radeon RX6700XT.

Does it stay the same distance in front of you all the time?

It’s almost like it’s the draft zone of an invisible rider. Not that this is any way to make it stop, and this is the most spitbally of spitballing, but I’m curious–when you’re riding, when does the 'Close the Gap!" graphic appear? Is it right when another rider in front of you crosses that line?

Yep, just like everyone described above (and two years ago). Nothing is effected by it, everything else works. Well, except road and bike sounds, which disappeared back in May, but that has nothing to do with the galactic barrier.

Interesting, I didn’t see anyone mentioning it being connected to draft zones. Curious.

Got the same issue - windows PC with AMD graphics card… Updated all drivers - not fixed. And not linked to drafting… Also - re-installed Zwift…

Hello all,

This issue appears to be affecting Zwifters on hardware with certain AMD graphics cards. I have raised this issue up to our engineers.


Having the same issue. Windows PC, 6600XT gpu. Didn’t notice it until I updated the Radeon driver to 22.11. Also seeing flickering in the menu, unless I run Zwift in windowed mode. Anyone have success with rolling back the driver to a previous version?


anyone seen these:

It is a new gaming PC on ultra profile at 100+fps easily. Everything updated… I suspect monitor, but have no other to test.

Thank you!!
OVK :slight_smile:

PS: sorry for the video quality - first time youtuber :confused:

Yes. Happens with an AMD card (seen on an RX 5500 XT, and an RX 6750 XT), but not with an NVIDIA card.

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Thank you.

If there is a solution I don’t know of it. My brain has just sort of filtered it out.

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Looks like this bug reported 2 years ago


Yes, mine is like that, this bug is stil active…

@Rowdy “zwift staff” from referenced thread - what is the issue/fix status?

I’m duty bound to point out that running 150fps on a 60Hz display is complete waste of energy. Should be running the game in 4K too, with that GPU.

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@Dave_ZPCMR …I agree, but this PC was not bought only for Zwift.

That may be so, but you should enable vsync with OpenGL triple buffering for Zwift in the Radeon driver. Your display can only show 60 images per second. Put the game on 4K in the settings menu, it looks better. You’re not limited to the native resolution of your monitor.

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Done, thanks, and found a setting to cap fps to 60.

Vsync does the same job, you should be able to set it for Zwiftapp individually. :+1: