Android Zwift Beta - Android Zwift Companion App. ERG mode not working and incorrect PW meter readings

Elite Drivo, Stages 3, Galaxy S9+

Zwift android companion.

When using the companion app to connect my devices through bluetooth, the workout ERG mode is not working. The trainer changes resistance for the interval but it doesn’t powermatch or erg to my stages power meter number with the trainer. It tells me to reduce my power but the trainer is not doing the adjustment automatically.
Removing the trainer from the companion app and connecting straight from the computer, powermatch works again.

Elite Drivo power is not shown in the pairing settings when connected through the companion app.

Zwift Game Beta android app.

The stages 3 power meter and cadence numbers are not correct.

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Hey @Gustavo_Gomez if you’re still having trouble with ERG mode can you try sending in a support conversation with this link?

ERG mode powermatching from my stages power meter is not working when using the trainer in bluetooth mode with the android companion app.

My target workout was 480W but the trainer kept me at 515W. My target was 200w, the trainer kept me at 222W.
The trainer is changing the resistance but it is not trying to powermatch the power from my stages power meter.
Switching back the trainer to Ant+ to my windows computer. Powermatch works as expected.

Android companion app does not detect elite drivo power source.

I did. Thank you.

Attached is the log for three minutes. The target power was 190W but it was reading more like 205W-210W in the screen with my Powermeter. Maybe the trainer is doing erg mode but it is not doing powermatch.

Thank you. Trainer is elite drivo. android companion app.

(Attachment Log.txt is missing)