ANDROID: Wahoo KICKR owners - Sim and Erg working properly - no more Lag/Errors, on Android Beta

Hello Zwifters,

As of Android Beta release 35386, the Resistance Lag and Errors are fixed for Wahoo KICKR trainers!
If you are encountering problems, please let us know.
Thank you for your patience during our Android Beta phase.

Android Platform Lead

As of this morning (7 hours ago) I was still having serious lag issues on the resistance for my Kickr Core (2018) model. I use Apple TV 4k.

Sorry for confusion, this post was for Android Beta users. I’ve renamed the title.

The ATV / IOS / Mac trainer issues are here:

Just to confirm my Lenovo Tab4 10 and my Kickr gen1 working perfectly with this latest update - did Watopia Stage 4 yesterday with lots of lovely resistance which is great (but not for my legs) Well done and thanks everyone at Zwift HQ

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Confirmed. Zwift controlled the resistance on my Kickr Gen 1, running on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Spin down worked, ERG mode in workouts worked, and grade changes in sim mode worked. Thanks for your efforts, @will_botti!

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It’s just red (i.e it’s like gray scale except the gray is shades of red) or black (i.e you can’t see anything) on my android phone. For the rendering of the game. The hud is visible (well, it’s too small for anyone over 45 to read but it’s there at least)

That said your list of phones says it ‘runs ok’ on the android phone I have (nexus 5x) From which it’s not clear whether that’s because the phone is not good enough, or your code is unoptimised and eventually you hope to improve it on these phones?

Either way, if you want the beta version testing you’d be better giving codes out, because charging twice the money Netflix charge per month and asking us to test your code is difficult to swallow.

Thanks and to confirm kickr1 and samsung s8 working ok. Will continue to test and mobile or tablet is so much more convenient for me.

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Hi the app does not work for Runs on Samsung s8 Android. It does not pick up any Bluetooth footpods or Garmin watches at all.

Totally frustrating as this looked so good for treadmill runs

pls jhelp


Hello Melvin,
Sorry to hear that.
We test Running on every release, but only on a subset of the 2000+ Android devices we support.
I don’t think we have tested an S8 recently, but it should work.

I suggest you open a formal ticket by emailing, and providing the details.

A few quick things to try

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled (obvious, but if you have disabled it after installing , we don’t prompt for re-enabling. We should)
  • Make sure the foot pods are not connected to anything else.

Thank you for your interest in Zwift Android, and your patience while we sort this out.

Hey Will,
Great to see the android app up and running, however…
I’m running a kickr '14 (gen1) through android on a Samsung S9+. It will not maintain power connection between the app and the kickr.
Have gone through every possible troubleshooting option and still no more that 2mins of connection. That includes it being the only app running.
There are no connection issues running with wahoo service app will pass spin down on wahoo and it has the latest firmware.
Any suggestions?

Hi Samuel,

Sorry to hear this. Connecting ok for 2 minutes or so, then losing connection is very odd.
Can you open a support ticket with and send in your log files and other details?
Our support group has a great list of troubleshooting techniques and questions that will narrow down the causes - even though it sounds like you’ve already done a bunch of homework.

Oftentimes the cause is external factors, but I don’t want to rule out a software defect.
Thanks for patience as we sort this out.