Android Vrsion

Can anyone know when zwift for android device is going to be release ? 

No eta but DC rainmaker explains why well.

“So, the next big and obvious question is what about Android?  The company says that for now they’re focused on the iOS version, and even though it sounds like an Apple TV OS version is in the cards prior to Android (likely due to similarities).  They note that the key challenge on Android for them is the massive differences in hardware performance between devices.  With iOS devices, they tend to fall more heavily towards the premium hardware aspect, whereas Android devices cover a wide range of hardware performance from inexpensive (read: poor graphics chipsets) to really high end.  Managing those expectations will undoubtedly be tricky.”

Can’t they just have minimum spec requirements for Android devices? If your device doesn’t meet the specs, you’re out of luck.  Lots of other apps work this way on Android so not sure why there’s such a long delay with Zwift.

This is one thing that could hold Zwift back. In this day and age to snub a large user base like Android and to only focus on the fanbois of Apple could back fire! We don’t all want to own overpriced Apple products but we do want to use Zwift on a tablet rather than a laptop.

they haven’t managed it yet so I doubt they are ever going to do it