Android TV is a version of Android OS designed for larger screens - please make Zwift compatible

Android TV is a version of Android OS designed for larger screens.
Currently Zwift has prevented the app from installing on Android TV via both the play store or even a side-loaded version of the APK- This is because the APK hasn’t been signed for Android TV.

This is a shame because it’s impossible to test the app, unless you modify the manifest.xml and/or re-sign the app.

Can we please have a signed APK file to test on Android TV?
We can then come up with a list of Android TV hardware spec’s that are compatible.

  • For example - The latest Sony Bravia lineup should have sufficient spec to supporting running Zwift at 1080p or higher.

I’m happy to side-load a test version of the APK onto the Sony Bravia A8F - to confirm compatibility

I installed Zwift manually and it works perfectly on Nvidia Shield.

It is like Zwift just need to update some config files to make it officially compatible !

I would extend this request not only to Android TV devices, but also to the Android tv box with standard Android OS having an hardware suitable to run zwift like the Beelink GT King and others.
Now the app seems blocked because the signature is missing.