Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: November 14, 2018)

(O Phantani WBR (B)) #163

Same here, it is listed for my g6 plus but Google play store quoted it is no longer available as beta version…
Come on Zwift, help us out here!

(José Carlos Duarte) #164

Good night,

I have the Samsung note 8 and device does not discover any control device or even power sensor or cadence.
Can anyone help?

(Niko Verstraete) #165

Is it possible to let de app work with Google chromecast?

(A Milligan🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤘 ) #166

Shouldn’t be an issue I wouldn’t think given the specks of that device

(Jack Tan) #167

Yes, that’s the natural thing to assume. However, there have been some cases where a recently launched device had problems running Zwift Android. Case in point, I can’t get a Mi Max 3 to work with it. Graphics is just a black screen, or red, depending on which course is the flavor for the day. On another phone, with the same processor, memory, etc., it does work well. So…it is possible for a brand new phone not to play well with Zwift. Then again, somebody has already posted that it works well on the Poco F1

(A Milligan🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🤘 ) #168

Very true Jack… I can understand why Zwift have taken so long to get round to Zwift for android tbh it’s not android itself generally it’s very much down to manufacturer and individual device… I’m very sceptical of devices like the f1 on the surface they look great and have great specs but do a bit of digging and you soon see where they have cut corners

(Vitaliy Evdokimov) #169

Xaimi redmi 3s , не прогружается приложение, долгая загрузка, пдвисания, не видны все функции.

(Ken Rijmenants) #170

Huawei Mate 9, wasn’t working for the last month (Never got past the blue loading screen.)

Just got an update from Huawei adding “GPU Turbo”. Shouldn’t do anything for Zwift but tried it anyway and wonderfully enough it seems to work now.

(Raz Nu) #171

I´m trying to connect my Oneplus 6 (with the “game app” not the zwift companion) with the Tacx Bushido but it doesnt seem to work… I´ve tried removing all the other bluetooth connections but it still only works with the Tacx app. I calibrate it and open Zwift but the bluetooth logo keeps blinking in the upper right corner. I only have a few more days trial so it´s kind of a hurry to make it work before I decide to buy a subscription or not…

(Thomas Berthe) #172

Fonctionne mal Xiaomi a2

(Krzysztof Sadaj) #173

Someone have any experience with Xiaomi mi pad 4?
There is Android 8.1 MIUI maybe it will be good choice?

(Arkaitz Blanco) #174

Someone has used Huawei Mediapad T5???with 2GB RAM, HUAWEI Kirin 659 Octa-Core A53 (4x2.36GHz, 4x1.7GHz) ando Android 8.0???

(Tommy Haywood (WLRCC)) #175

Is there anyway of joining the program? When i try to download the app it says the program is full :frowning:

(Alex Oliver) #176

Seconding this, or perhaps an expected release date we can get over hyped about?

(Henk de Beer) #177

I got one a few weeks ago (3GB RAM, 32GB storage).
Right now I can’t use it for Zwift - depending on the world that is on, everything is red or completely black (except for the UI elements, which display fine). When the screen is red, at least it looks like the game will be smooth once it displays correctly.

Another thing to note, it looks like the Mi Pad 4 doesn’t have support for USB Host mode, as I cannot get it to connect to ANT+ devices (using an OTG adapter and Garmin ANT+ stick). Apparently it can be enabled, but that involves rooting the tablet.

(Vaclav Drabek) #178

Hello. I have Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and sound works, all sensors paired and looks ok, but there is no geometry. Only riders, watts and other score tables, but no 3D geometry. Only black screen. It starts in Menu when you are choosing trainer.

Keep up the good work!


(Raf Maesen) #179

Tested on my Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 and works great! Only downside, can’t pair my HR belt with Ant+.

(Zack ⛧) #180

Doesn’t work on my Sony Xperia XA 2 Plus (H4413). It runs on Android 8.0, Snapdragon 630 and 2160x1080 display resolution. App launches normally and UI works, but there is no 3D graphics - only black screen.

(Nick Pavlov) #181

Not work on BlackBerry Motion, black screen

(Andrea Petrovski) #182

I recently purchased Huawai MediaPad M5 and was using it yesterday for the first time. I was riding with Tacx Flow trainer without any HRM. Everything went fine during the ride but the data exported in the other apps didn’t have any power curve, only the elevation and speed. It also didn’t export automatically as it did when i was using PC for training but i had to do it manually. Any idea why?