Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: November 14, 2018)

(Adrian Li) #61

Aside from it not exiting properly (have to hit the Android home key and kill the app), its running really well on my Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom ZE553KL.  Have only tried it in ‘watch’ mode but going to give the Cycleops Hammer a run on it tonight. 

If you get an error message on first time use try the following:

  1. Go to the Zwift App in the app manager in your device settings

  2. Hit the Force Stop button

  3. Select storage for the app (will say something like 1.13GB used)

  4. Clear data and then Clear cache

  5. Restart Zwift App (you will need to login again) 

I haven’t had the app stop working since I did this.


(Tim dODZ) #62

Works great on Huawei MediaPad M5 10.8. Two sessions so far. Great control of trainer resistance, including Neo road feel. No problem with TickR X connection. Good visuals, no glitches. Good overall experience. Thumbs up. :slight_smile:

(Mick S) #63

I tried it on my Motorola Z Force (first generation) running Android 8.0, and Zwift ran great. I have no complaints. Keep up the good work!

(Jesus Bigjuergo) #64

will the 

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 be supported?


I can confirm - ZWIFT runs very well on xiaomi mi max2 :slight_smile:

good work zwift team!!!

(T oasted) #65

Would love for this to run on my Google PixelBook!

(Ryan Goldenberg) #66

Seems to run great on the Essential PH-1!

(Haydn Muter) #67

Seems to be working well on Samsung Galaxy S9 “NZ”, haven’t found any problems yet :slight_smile:


do 1 run one my XIAOMI REDMI 5 PLUS


all seems great. will try a few more ride and report back

(mark jones) #69

App runs ok on the S6 but cant hold connection to any sensors

(Simon Brewer) #70

Samsung Galaxy S9 (euro spec) works perfectly for me (despite what the list above says).

(Graham Davidson (PACK)) #71

I own an Amazon Fire HD 8.9 tablet and a Moto G5 plus but cannot download Zwift on either. Seems it is region locked and not available to UK?

(Jack Tan) #72

Works great on a cheap Xiaomi Mi A1 with 4/32GB, working with a Tacx Bushido on bluetooth.  I’m not detecting any significant screen issues, but before the latest update, it did have problems with my Geonaute bluetooth HR monitor (detected but no data)

Won’t install on my other devices with 2GB RAM, even though they have Qualcomm 800 series processors.  Can I assume that it needs at least 3GB RAM and a better GPU? Hmmmmm…


Tried on a Huawei Mediapad M3 Lite 3/32GB and it works… albeit the environment isn’t buttery smooth, it does work

(. Test Subject 1) #73

Returned to seeing if UK Xperia Z5 Compact would download and work.   I can confirm that it loads and kind of works so far.  All my sensors are Ant+ but think I have a BLE HRM knocking around to test with.

First impressions based on viewer mode before I have a chance to test for real in the pain cave:

Loading is a little slow and updates each time I login.   No biggy, it’s not a standard app.   On app loading the screen auto rotates to landscape but only on one aspect.   Luckily (?!) the correct aspect to have volume keys now at the top of the phone but would be nice if it could rotate 180 with the accelerometer (not essential).  

Graphics are smooth and good.   A few artefacts are seen but nothing to detract and on a 5 inch screen,  I noticed that the riders flags on the panel right don’t load effectively so hit and miss between a flag or a white block.   The viewer isn’t optimised for a 5 inch screen so the scaling may be difficult if this is the only device a rider has, but it is sufficient.  If you were really minimalist, Sony Z5 Zwift and have another smart phone for Zwift companion.

I’m going to test it when I get the chance for real soon.


Login - input of password is not hidden, plain text seen.   Needs a fix.   Even better would be finger print scanner login but understand the tech problems here would make it a long term development.  Hidden password should be a priority.

Exiting the app is a little clunky and not as slick as i would expect.

Once exited, the screen shows a user to log in as.   If I click the user name to log in again, it claims that the password isn’t stored or not found “Whoa! There was an error logging in with that account information.  Did you change your password?” with only “Ok” button.   Instead of offering the password box, I then have to “change user” to come out, go to “Add existing user” and go through login all over again.   A frustration!

Otherwise, pretty impressed and exiting development.   I can see plenty of opportunities, especially if Ant+ is supported and/or Android on a Raspberry Pi 3 becomes closer to live.  


(Graham Davidson (PACK)) #74

Test subject 1 does that mean you could download in the UK not available to my app store

(B I.G.Floor (Tacx NEO)) #75


Would like to see support for the Nvidia Shield TV !!


(Ronald Kutschi) #76

ant+ does not work with galaxy S8 and Garmin sensors 

(Andrew Shevel) #77

Last update (Release 1.0.28988) works fine on LG V20 now (a month ago zwift was crashing). 

But the issue with 3 different bluetooth devices not working simultaneously remains: 4iiii (or stages) powermeter, HRM and smart trainer can’t work together – only any 2 of them.

Even one of the Zwift introductory start screen shows a picture with 3 bluetooth devices – please remove this 2 device limit.

(Eelco van Ruiten) #78

I am able to download on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and it runs OK.

However, it would be nice to test Zwift on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (SM-T810). It is in your supported devices list, however I am not able to download it. Google’s Play store says is is not compatible (see screenshot below).

Can this be fixed? 


(Richard Kuan6330) #79

Since I’ve updated the software from the Playstore, Zwift now runs on the Tanix TX92 TV box. Previously there was only a black screen where the riders should be. 

However the game is very choppy and basically unusable. I don’t now what the frame rates are, but probably below 10. Way worse than my 6 yr old PC running standard intel graphics.

I’ll stick to my PC

(Lex Organique Tri) #80

Works on my Huawei P10, goes a bit laggy whenever I’m on a large group ride.

But there was a Huawei system update this week,  which afterwards everything went smooth on the graphics :slight_smile: