Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: November 14, 2018)

(Leszek Prozorowicz) #41

Allview P9_Energy_Lite - 3GB RAM, Mediatek MT6750 (Cortex-A53/aarch64),  Android 6.0, MALI-T860 MP2 @ 520 MHz (720x1280) - it starts to work quite long (something about a minute and 45 s.), but later it works quite decently - at least in preview mode (graphically OK!), I have not yet checked the operation with the trainer, it’s a pity that ANT + does not work. 

Image already added



(Ankit Sachdeva) #42

Working great on my OnePlus 6. Although this makes sense as it is the fastest Android phone on the market at the moment!

(Mark „Tsu“ Mark (D)) #43

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Comments are really meant for the devs, and for other users to find “their” device. The notifications come too often and are about unrelated devices. :wink:

(Michiel) #44

Works very well on my OnePlus 5 (A5000). Ran into two (minor) issues:

  1. Onscreen Power History Graph is not working

  2. Chromecasting the image to a TV works, but is very low quality. No lag or stutter in the few minutes I tested though.

(Marko Hlibchuk Ⓥ) #45

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(Steve Douglas) #46

Works really well on my budget (approx £160, about a year old) Wileyfox Swift 2X - certainly not a high end phone. Paired just fine with my trainer but haven’t had an opportunity to use it for more than a few minutes yet. Frame rate seemed fine, and graphics quality more than adequate given the size of the screen.

Looking forward to ANT+ support as apart from my trainer all my accessories are ANT+ only (hrm, cadence sensor, running footpod). Hope it’ll support the standard ANT+ SDK (and therefore work with an external dongle connected through an OTG) once it arrives.

(Daniel Bosshard) #47

Works OK on my ASUS ZenFone 3 Laser.

(Allan Linker [NOLA]) #48

Installed on Galaxy Note 5, app opens and awaits pairing. Kinetic Road Machine 1 with Inride does not pair.

(Andrew Shevel) #49

I have used Huawei MediaPad M3 for yesterday 24 km ride. Two things I have noticed:

  1. zwift doesn’t control trainer resistance (tacx bushido) when power source is external powermeter (stages). If power source set to tacx bushido then trainer resistance changes as it should.

  2. it seems that zwift can’t connect more than 2 bluetooth devices at the same time. I have tried to connect stages powermeter, tacx bushido and BT HRM and one of them is always in the state “no signal”.


(john white) #50

Test on oneplus 3 

Wahoo Tickr

Milestone footpod


Both devices were discovered but the Tickr came up with no signal

Started run with just footpod

Footpod was slow to react at first but worked okay until i took a screenshot at that point the footpod lost connection and could not be reconnected while on the gym treadmill.

Will replace batteries and retry

(Roland C) #51

Looking forward to Galaxy S9+ euro version

(gabriele) #52

Hi. Is it possible to test it on xperia z3 tablet compact? 

Does it works on Huawei mediapad m3 lite?


(. Phil L..) #53

Which model Galaxy tab S2’s does it actually run on?

Not with my 8" model it seems…

(Low) #54

My friend using Huawei P20 Pro, it freeze at first login screen.
Me using Nokia 6 Model TA-1021 Globe Android system 8.1, fast load while open the app will have some lag and slow, after started ride work ok.

(Yeehong Tan) #55

Can login using Huawei Mate 10 pro, but no game screen(black) … Only has riders nearby, power, live results and top status windows. Unable to use menu button as wanted to reduce its resolution.

(Jesus FROM ZERO TO KONA@Ironman Southafrica2019) #56

dear zwift team: well done so far :slight_smile:

  1. will the graphics on android samsung galaxy s8/s8+ be improved? will it be possible to play in details=high (with shadows …) mode?

  2. will ANT+ be supportet with samsung galaxy s8/s8+ in the near future?



(David Adams ) #57

I have a Samsung S7 edge and I’m just getting the Zwift blue screen which says data validation failed? Can anyone tell me what this means as I thought that it would work ok with the 7 edge!

(David Adams ) #58

I have a Samsung S7 edge and I’m just getting the Zwift blue screen which says data validation failed? Can anyone tell me what this means as I thought that it would work ok with the 7 edge!

(Leroy Campbell) #59

Using a Samsung Galaxy S7 and Tacx Vortex smart, slow to boot but works great.

(David Adams ) #60

It’s working now and looks great just like it does on ios but not had a chance to ride it yet though.