Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: November 14, 2018)

(Andrew) #284

Huawei Mate20 Pro works perfectly, running out to tv via USB C to HDMI for no lag, full sound, big screen experience. Great work guys!

(Liam) #285

I have a Huawei P Smart and a Tacx Flow.

The app started up quickly (actually quicker than on my laptop) and paired almost instantly (far better than using Zwift Companion).

It ran well with only a few glitches where everything but the cyclists would go blank / white and flashing. This was while going up Fox Hill in London. Other than that it was fine.

I also used Chromecast (sharing the whole phone screen) and that was fairly good but at a slower frame rate as would be expected.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #286

I tried v1.0.32984 world swapping update on my Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge. Zwift would not change resistance on my gen 1 Kickr, nor could it complete a spin down. Everything else seemed to work fine.

(Syungo Matsuoka) #287

I was able to run with HUAWEI P20 PRO and MINOURA SmartTurbo KAGURA LSD 9200 combined.

However, Zwift’s screen seems to display much less (about half) power than implementation.

(Gerald) #288

Sony XZ3 runs very smooth and without troubles

(Hotte) #289

Suport mediapad m5 pro is well

(Avinash) #290

I am from India and using Mi note5pro.
Zwift installation successful, but speed sensor not detecting as speed sensor.
Sensor make - Magene 210.

When I select power sensor option, same sensor is reflecting for selection.
My sensor is perfectly working with other apps and cycling computers.

(J) #291

I have a Google Pixelbook - I can only see the Companion app, but not the full service. Will it be released on the Pixelbook as the computer is powerful enough to run it, but I’d like to have the full screen experience. Thanks!

(Bill) #292

While Zwift runs fine on my Google Pixel 3, the screen is way too small.

These days, a lot of folks are buying Pixelbooks (or other convertible Chromebooks) instead of Android tablets.

Can we have support for Google Pixelbook? It runs Android Pie and has a tablet form factor. Its Core i5/i7 with Intel HD Graphics 615 graphics card should be pretty awesome for Zwift!

(Steve) #293

another vote here for pixel book. Definetly has the specs needed.

(Steve Douglas) #294

Anybody tried the Lenovo M10 FHD? 3Gb RAM, 32GB storage, Snapdragon 450 CPU, Adreno 506 GPU - seems like it meets the minimum specs.

(Jack) #295

Not the same, but I have it running on a Huawei Mediapad M3 Lite, with Qualcomm 435 and Adreno 505. Much lower specs than yours and it works. Not the smoothest graphics though. I find that you need something with a Qualcomm 600 series to be able to get smooth graphics

(PETER) #296

When can support for the Galaxy tab a be expected?

(Malcolm) #297

Things working wonderfully well on my Lenovo Tab4 10 with the Beta update a month ago but a few days ago version 1.0.33271 was released and my Wahoo Kickr gen1 has stopped varying resistance :sob:
Am waiting for the next update to make it work again. It is a shame as previous version finally cured black screen problem during a ride even thought the resistance varied.

(Gijs) #298


I’m about to buy an android phone to start zwifting. I think this is the cheapest option…? My question is: can I stream zwift to a big tv screen (with google chromecast) from my android phone?

Thanks in advance,


(speed) #299

You can use google home app to cast your phone miror to any chromecast device. I use it with mi box Android tv, and it runs smoothly.

(Shawn) #300

It’s not available for me yet. I own a Samsung Chromebook 3, would like to run HDMI to pc screen. I think it would be perfect.

(Fleur) #301

works well on my Xperia X Performance.

(Syungo Matsuoka) #302

Problem when connecting with MINOURA LSD 9200 (*). When both “power meter” and “home trainer” are activated, the power value is not displayed. The load seems to be reflected correctly (I think that the load is applied according to the slope of the place). Also, when only “power meter” is connected, the power value is correctly displayed and running is possible.