Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: November 14, 2018)

(Hansi Lazarus ❗) #183

Also on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 LTE, some days before it’s in the “runs ok” list.

(Buddy Bryant) #184

Is there any possibility for Tab A to run zwift?

(Nathan Meier) #185

Ran it this morning thru my Galaxy S7 Edge and worked great. Only issue is my Bkool Pro (new last year) would not connect as a controllable device. Any ideas why that is?

(Andrew Carr) #186

s7 edge
power beam pro ant+ trainer
it wont connect to phone phone just says searching and the is a blue tooth logo flashing on zwift so i guess your right blue tooth only

(Jordan Seo Of Yoda) #187

Also on my Xiaomi mi8 lite, it is working, ok. but black screen. Please update zwift on android.

(Justin Cabe) #188

Hey, has anyone tried with an Nvidia Shield TV, or the Xiaomi Mi Box?

i’m hoping to get an adroid TV box and wonder which of these would work best for Zwift.

(Aguaverde Penkes) #189

Hoy probaré en Xiaomi box , pero no creo que aparezca la aplicación en play si el sistema que lleva es Android smart TV

(J Dekimpe) #190

Nokia 7 plus = black screen

(Jose Leon) #191

Moto x4 black screen

(Jason Crossman (B)) #192

It seems to work well on my Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) with a MilestonePod. Although it wasn’t clear that I had to make sure my phone wasn’t paired with the MilestonePod before I started Zwift.
Although my phone has a fairly large screen there was some very small text that was impossible to read whilst running. This includes the runners list on the right and the all the text boxes that are shown down the left side.
As fun aside I would love to take a virtual run with my virtual dog. A bit like cannie-cross :grin:

(Kareem Atout) #193

I am getting the same result on my BlackBerry Key 2. Does the software team know why this is happening?