Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: March 9th, 2019)

(T Horsten R Wbr) #121

Huawei Nova 1 works nicely

(darren charles) #122

Hi where did you getthe link from to download zwift
I running the K1 tablet so should be the same

(Mike.Gong Fullerton.Bikes) #123

Its on the Play Store. Just goto google and search Zwift (unreleased). Not sure if it is open to new users though. You may have to wait for next update when it opens again.

(Buddy Bryant) #124

Hopefully the supported devices list gets all the Galaxy Tab A,E,S added.

(Jack) #125

I am on a Huawei M3 Lite tablet. I had previously given feedback that Zwift Android works ok.

The last update received was on 5 October. Before this last update, Zwift Android was working well enough that I was using it as my primary device. Since the update on 5 October, the graphics have become jerky and practically unusable. I have another device that I am testing on and it still works well. Hope it improves in the future.

Update: Since the 17 Oct 2018 update, no longer jerky and graphics are quite nice for New York. Hope it’s the same for other routes.

Zwift on samsung serie A models
(Steve) #126

Sorry it will never work on the K1 (which I have and was hoping to use). The K1 has a 32 bit processor and Zwift android requires 64 bit processing.

(Steve) #127

It was working on my Moto Z Force Droid but that phone died (not from Zwift) and now I have a Moto Z3. The screen and graphics look fine but nothing will pair for me…not the Milestonepod…not the Kickr Snap. Is there a problem with Bluetooth 5.0 that the Z3 has? The Moto Z Force had 4.1.

(Steve) #128

From my communications with the Zwift guys back in July:

We support devices that:

  • are 64 bit, or more specifically support arm64 architecture.
  • run Open GLES 3.0 +

If your device meets those criteria, it should be available; if not you are sadly out of luck:(

(Roman Svitanic) #129

Steve, thank you for the information!

I have Moto G5 Plus, which has x64 CPU (Snapdragon 625), but Lenovo provides only 32 bit Android (armv7l). I really don’t understand this move from Lenovo.

This means that I won’t be able to run Zwift on this device :disappointed:

(J Hochheimer (Zrg)) #130

Is it possible to add custom training sessions to the Android app? I mean the .zwo files.

(Steve) #131

Moto Z3 now works with no problems after downloading the latest update!

Scosche rhythm + also worked just fine

(James Owen ) #132

Works well on my Samsung Galaxy S6.
Also works on a Sony Xperia XA1 although the graphics aren’t quite so smooth.
Only “issue” I’ve noticed is that my Garmin Ant+ HRM isn’t picked up by either device.
However the Tacx Flow 2240 trainer I use is effectively controlled via the Bluetooth.

Have to say graphically it’s a huge improvement over the laptop I used previously (Intel core i5, 2Gb graphics card, 8Gb Ram).

(Steve) #133

Unfortunately zwift Android only supports Bluetooth hardware.

(J Hochheimer (Zrg)) #134

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with Tacx Neo and Stryd Pod works fine.But only my HRM Bluetooth Belt don,t work for a couple days.I cant connect it.

(Tom Tom) #135

Runs well on Xiaomi redmi 5 note.

(Andre Turner Jr) #136

Will ant+ usability be added for the android app?

(Jack) #137

Anyone tried Zwift Android on the Pocophone F1 yet?

(Derek Higgins) #138

I’d Would love to try this on the Motorola Moto G6, could it be added so I can install it, will report back how it runs.

(Laurent T) #139

Please add ant+ with android it’s so important for all users :frowning:

Anyway zwift work very fine with galaxy S7

(Steven T Lackey) #140

Works very well on Samsung S3, but needs support for ANT+ devices