Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: March 9th, 2019)

(Buddy Bryant) #101

How do we get into the beta to try this? I also have a Tab A. I checked google store and still not there.

(Vincent) #102

The Beta may be closed/at capacity right now. It should open up with the next update.

(Mike.Gong Fullerton.Bikes) #103

Doesn’t work. Just got the new Tab A with Oreo and it said that my device wasn’t compatible.

When is the next update? So I can try again and let you know.

(Vincent) #104

No date yet but should be relatively soon :ride_on:

(Nigel ) #105

Neither my Galaxy Tab A or new Galaxy J7 Pro is supported. The Tab A I can understand but the J7 Pro is plenty powerful enough.

(Mike.Gong Fullerton.Bikes) #106

Samsung Tab A 10.5 Oreo is still a no go.
Decided to get an S4 anyways.

Running new Sept 28th release on Oreo 8.1

App was running good. ERG with Tacx Flux works.

Crashed 45min into ride. Lost all data…

Ran Zwift with iPad mini on treadmill for 2.5 hrs yesterday with no issues. Cheers to Apple! Not giving up on Android though.

(Gavin Moffitt) #107

I have the Huawei p20 Pro, looks fantastic but won’t pick up my wattbike at all or garmin heart rate monitor.

(Marie Simmonds (Awcc)) #108

I can get the game to load on my Samsung S7 edge but it can’t find the smart trainer or any sensors?

(Roman Svitanic) #109

Can someone confirm if Zwift for Android supports/will support 32bit ARM CPUs as well, or it’s x64 only? Thanks!

(Romulus H ) #110

Keep up the good work guys!

On my Samsung S7 is working quite nice but I’m also waiting the version for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (SM-T535) because of the large screen of the tablet, and why not for the internal ANT+ support.

(Romulus H ) #111

Your smart trainer have Bluetooth?

(Jo Va) #112


the App itself runs fine on my moto x4, but does not find sigma r1 and r2 duo sensors. Both sensors work fine with the App for IOS on my Ipad.


(Jack) #113

So far, I’ve found that I can only install in devices with Android 7 and above. Can’t install in any Android 6 devices, even if they had 3GB RAM and above, and 800 series Qualcomm CPU.

(Chris Burridge) #114

Nvidia Shield and Shield K1 tablets. Come on, guys! They may be old but there isn’t a device to touch the graphics horsepower they have. I’ll happily beta if you just open up access on the play store. If my LG V30 can run it, the Shield family can. Pretty please

(Peter Castrop) #115

Works OK on my Samsung A8.

Did a race yesterday. My position in the race was not accurate. When I was first in the race the position said I was 31st. The position almost didn’t change during the race.

(Helverth Rodriguez) #116

Working very well on my Galaxy S8+. Excellent performance.

(Peter Castrop) #117

Did another race and now it worked just fine.

(Marie Simmonds (Awcc)) #118

I got mine sorted had too many Bluetooth connections in the background.

(Filip Ekberg) #119

Galaxy Tab S3 works well!

(Buddy Bryant) #120

Tried the update on my galaxay s7. everything seemed fine but my heart rate monitor was found but no signal using bluetooth