Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: March 9th, 2019)

Hello all. What kind of Android tablet will work with this beta?

Runs really good on my new Samsung Galaxy A50 2019.

Team: I can confirm that Zwift Companion runs on the latest Kindle Fire HD 8 running FireOS Once you’ve sideloaded the required Google apps (services, Play, etc), it downloads and installs seamlessly. No hiccups during tonight’s 50 minute test ride.

Now to find the perfect handlebar mount…

Do you have a ANT+ dongle attached to the S5e or just using BT? Can you tell us a little more about your setup please?

Hi, Samsung TAB A10 is not supported, can you add this one?

It seems that on the Lenovo Yoga Tab Tab 3 Pro 10 the compatibility problem has been solved. I always have some difficulty logging in, but then unexpectedly yesterday it started and it worked! Anyone else who had the same experience as me? Greetings.

Hi I have just purchased a Samsung tab A 2019. Is this tablet going to be added in the near future? Thanks b

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Zwift also works on my xiaomi mi a2 (the full app, not only the companion).

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I really hope so. Zwift doesn’t run on my laptop, so I just bought a Samsung Tab A 2019, but now I find out it doesn’t run on it. I’m so disappointed. It does run on my Xperia phone, but its screen is so small…

Hi Folks,

Tried running Zwift on my Samsung J6 +;
All appeared to be working fine until race started. Was expecting a virtual video to load but just a map appeared. Is there a plug in needed for Video to work?

Ciao a tutti, su Xiaomi Note 7 funziona bene. Grazie.

Personally, I’d like to see support for the Moto e5

XIAOMI NOTE 7 sarebbe uguale a REDMI NOTE 7?! su Redmi NOTE7 funziona?

Sì, io ho il note 7…

Runs well on Xiaom Redmi Note 5 .
Br, Gábor

My Moto g7 won`t connect to any Zwift how to connect with zwift

I’m having the same problem, did you found a solution?

Hello everyone!
I would like to buy a Tablet 7 “- 8”, to install on the wheel of the bicycle (instead of the Mobile). I would only install zwift Companion, MyEliteTraining and Discord. It would not be used for anything else (I have a projector for zwift), for this reason, I need it to be compatible, and as cheap as possible, since for other tasks I have a 10 "Samsung Tablet.
Thank you very much for your responses.
Best regarda

Same here.
Doesnt work on Samsung Tab A 2019.
This model is new, has good performance, but I cant install the app.
Please consider adding support to it!
By the way, where is limitation? Is it hw dependancy? Or android version?
I also have Sony android tv (android 8) - unable to install.
Works fine with Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro (Global)

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I use a samsung side sync and my galaxy s8 phone. This allows me to use the samsung tab a. Seems to work fine