Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: March 9th, 2019)

(Jack) #261

Latest update received on 26 Jan 2019 fixed the black background problem for my Xiaomi Mi A1 and Mi Max 3. Well done, Zwift. By the way, Zwift Android works great on the Mi Max 3

(Henk de Beer) #262

Black screen fixed on Mi Pad 4 too! A good week for updates it is :slight_smile: Now to test how the tablet performance compares to my old-ish PC

(Christian) #263

Anyone able to find Zwift on the Pixelbook Play Store App? Would love to run it. It worked on my Pixel 2 cell phone already and works great.

(Jack) #264

Huawei Mediapad M5 Pro, LTE, 4/64GB…works very well. Smooth backgrounds and no issues pairing with trainer and HRM on bluetooth.

(Sententsiya Sport) #265

The last update fixed, the black screen on xiaomi mi A2 is no more. All right, I can use zwift again. :+1: :biking_man::biking_man::biking_man::biking_man:

(Dylan) #266

The last update also fixed the black screen for me :slight_smile: on my Lenovo Tab 8 Plus. Works perfectly with my Powertap Powercal (haven’t tried it with my Tacx Flow yet but no reason to think it wouldn’t work)

(Tan Edwin(Bike Kaki)) #267

Still no luck LENOVO YOGABOOK after the latest update. Still black screen…

(peter) #268

The last update fixed my black screen on LENOVO TAb4 10 PLUS.
Zwift runs perfect with my TACX SMART FLOW

(Hervé) #269

I’m eager to test Zwift on my Galaxy Tab A!

Meanwhile, as I have a Galaxy S7 that can run Zwift, I’m sharing the S7 display on the Tab A through SideSync app. Although it slows down the display a bit, it works pretty well and I thought this workaround is worth sharing here.


(Tommy) #270

Used the android version today for the first time on a Samsung galaxy s8 linked up to my tacx neo and it worked brilliantly without any issues. :+1:t2:

(Scott) #271

OnePlus 2 - Runs… but not smoothly.

Information was slow to update while watched a rider for a little while. With some graphic quality settings maybe it wouldn’t be so choppy. Maybe you could add a profile(not landscape) view that’s just an overhead map with simple data for lower end devices? There are times I don’t need to see the avatar and game view, I just want to see my watts, cadence and heart rate while I workout. The graph is always cool.

Thanks for the work on the Android app. It’ll be really nice when I get a new device.

(Hans) #272

LG nexus 5x tried it, but have same issue black screen. I can see other zwifters nametag, powerups, but no road or scenery.

Some issues connecting with Bluetooth. First zwift couldn’t find tacx neo.

  1. Updated tacx software with tacx utility software via bluetooth to 0.2.1/0.7.4/0.8.4
  2. Restarted phone and tacx NEO (Power off/on)
  3. Zwift still couldn’t find tacx NEO
  4. Tested with tacx ulitily works good, found tacx NEO
  5. Disconnected in tacx ulitily, closed program.
  6. Zwift still open, Found tacx NEO

(Frank) #273

Installed it on my Beelink gt 1 ultimate from google play. Found tacx flow and connected immediately. Zwift runs but the picture is very choppy on the device.

(Yoonseok) #274

As your proposing method, I tried to play zwift on my Galaxy tap A. It is better than playing on cell phone since tablet’s big screen. I really want to run on my tap too. Thank you for your recommend.

(Tim) #275

Wasn’t able to get into the beta with Samsung tab a. Are there any hints that it will eventually be available or can you tell us flat out they won’t be ever compatible with Samsung tablets? One of the reasons I bought this tablet was for zwift to have a bigger screen for my sausage fingers to accurately hit buttons.

(Steve Douglas) #276

I’m looking to get a tablet for use with Zwift - any chance of getting the Supported Devices list updated? There are some obvious candidates that aren’t on there, such as the Galaxy Tab S2 & S3, and several variants of the Huawei Mediapads (e.g. T3, T5, M5 Pro). I don’t necessarily need a newly released tablet.

Reading some of the comments, it sounds like the black / dark screen issue seems to have been resolved so it’d be good to see an up-to-date list.

(Anser) #277

Any reason why the Galaxy Note 8 is not listed? App installs and loads fine. Not had a chance to trial it on my turbo as yet but loads and renders fine so far.

(Watt) #278

Oneplus6 user and it works great except there is no resistance control on the trainer. I am not sure if that is normal or not, but it is a weird experience without it. Cheers and thanks for all the ways to connect to zwift.

(Linda) #279

OnePlus 6 user with a Kinetic Road Machine connecting with a Kinetic InRide…Zwift doesn’t recognize my sensor.

(Vincent) #280

Which trainer are you using?