Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: March 9th, 2019)

(José Carlos Duarte) #241

Same thing on my note8 whit tacx flow.

(Magnus Aaen If Froy) #242

Just tried with my Sony Xperia XZ1 compact. Looks like it runs without problems.
Paired with the tacx flux smart (2017)

(Yurii Shevchuk ) #243

Meizu m5 works well

(Hans Peter Krätz) #244

Hi my Huawai MediaPad M5 can not finde the power meter.
BT connection to media pad is establised acccording ot BT settings.
TACX utility can connect to the TACX SMART 2 trainer.

ZWIFT keeps searchin for devices…

Something I can do?

(Jacqueline Mojica) #245

I love it it work on my phone samsung galaxy note 9. :+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:

(Xavier Kelsall HERD) #246

Still doesn’t show in the Play store for Pixelbook but just downloaded it to my Pixel 2 XL.

(David Henke) #247

I use the zwift app on an LG G6 phone it works well, I also use the phones screen share facility to mirror the screen to my TV either via the tvs inbuilt miracast or via google chromcast

(Justin Keck) #248

So, if i have a simple cadence and speed sensor, and a Galaxy S7…it will not pair? What do I need to do to remedy this?


(Ray Lachapelle) #249

Any update? I have the same tablet.

(Jack) #250

I had previously installed and had a good time with Zwift Android on my spare Mi A1 phone. However, with the recent Android Pie update for it, Zwift Android now gives me the dreaded Black Screen background. Can’t see anything except for the info screens and the rider name balloons.

(Chris Bishop) #251

I have a Samsumg S7, cannot get it to recognise my tacx trainer… still using the laptop and ant+ lead


(Alex Gosse [WUR]) #252

I have an LG G6 and it does not work at all with Zwift. I have a Kinetic Smart Trainer and the Kinetic Fit app works flawlessly, but Zwift won’t work with it. The app will pair with my trainer, but then it will say No Signal and won’t register pedaling.

(Daf) #253

Another vote for the Amazon Fire tab - if Zwift could run on this it would be a really cost effective way of running it

(Ondrej Misek) #254

LG Nexus 5X - black screen

(Paul Thomas) #255

Works great on Samsung S8. Love the fact i can share it with my TV. Much faster set up no cables required. The refresh between the phone and TV could be better but thats nothing to do with Zwift. What i did note was that my Wahoo kicker did not react as quickly as normal.

(Yoonseok) #256

Hello Zwift.

I want to setup the Zwift beta on my Galaxy tablet.
But the massage is popuped that my tablet is incompatible device.

So I want to know exactly compatible device.

My tablet is Galaxy Tab 2016 A with s-pen (SM-P585N0)

When can I play Zwift beta on my tablet?

If it is not compatible device after beta version continuously, I will change tablet.

Please notify me as soon as possible.

Thank you everyday.

(no mad [TG]) #257

same here since latest update.

(Andreas) #258

As Zwift works flawlessly on my PC and ok on my old iPad, I installed the android beta - unfortunately, the main part of the screen stays black, while I can see menus, rider names and flags:

Phone: HTC U11 life
Android version: 9, including security updates from Dec 2018

Any help would be appreciated!

(Peppino Manturo) #259

Hi team
Myrun and Polar h6 heart rate monitor not recognised wit zenpad 10

Please help!

(Eric) #260

I am also using a Tab A… or at least I was planning to.
Should I send it back, or is there a Beta download link I’m missing?