Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: March 9th, 2019)

(Andrew Hunt) #221

Hi David, I found the exact same issue after installing and it was unresponsive on my HTC M9+

I managed to fix it by going to manage apps, where I noticed the permissions for this app were set to none. So I allowed all the permissions it needed.
I also moved the app to my external storage as internal memory was touching 90% but I don’t think that was my issue, more the one above (app permissions).

I forced the app to close and then restarted, where it verified the download and after some loading eventually (took a couple of minutes) loaded.
However I was unable to use it, as boxes which should have had words were not loaded. It seemed to load the graphics of the main menu thats all.

Hope you had better luck.

(Andrew Hunt) #222

Hi Denis,

Not sure if your situation improved but take a look at my reply to David who experienced the same issue:


(Trevor Urech) #223

Is there going to be support for the galaxy tabs coming? I have an S3 and the app seems to run well and connect to everything.

It just won’t control my neo 2 resistance.

(Steffen Andreassen [V]) #224

Worked perfect on Samsung s8 untill 2 days ago. Now I lose resistanse according to terrain after a few seconds om my tacx flow smart. Same resistanse all the way… haven’t changed or done anything on my phone.

(Daniel Styler) #225

Hi, I am running a Samsung galaxy note 9 and Tacx Neo. Game runs fine but the variable resistance from terrain is not working at all. From reading other comments on this forum it appeared it worked fine until the latest update. Please can this be looked into.

Kind Regards


(Michael Tucker) #226

I have the same problem with variable resistance not working. I’m running a Samsung Tab S4 with a Cycleops Magnus trainer. I can just about live without ANT+ for now but the lack of resistance control is a deal breaker. I’m disappointed because I specifically bought the S4 over the cheaper Tab A because it was listed as “working well” only to find it doesn’t really work. The tablet is my only device for turbo training now so unless it can be fixed soon I will have to cancel my subscription. I can’t help thinking that if ANT+ were implemented all the trainer control issues people have been reporting would be resolved.

(Brian Heine) #227

Hello. I have a Moto X Pure (XT1575) running Nougat. I can’t seem to get Zwift to find or pair to our new Elite Direto via Bluetooth. It does pair and work with the (crappy) myEtrainer software from Elite, which I also installed on my XT1575. I used this software to calibrate the Direto, then used it in the Levels training mode, in which I was able to manually change the resistance level successfully, display cadence, Watts, etc. I don’t see the Moto X Pure in the list of supported devices, so could this and/or my version 7 Nougat Android be the problem? We do plan to also use this Direto with Zwift on my wife’s iPhone, and I don’t anticipate problems with that.

(Beau Riese) #228


I purchased this tablet, and it seems to work well, so it might be the less expensive tablet for use with Zwift. Additional, I got the Garmin ANT+ USB stick and an adapter cable, but it does not connect to my Garmin HF belt. Are there any hints or tutorials or something similar that could help me get it running?

(Mike.Gong Fullerton.Bikes) #229

BT is only supported. No ANT+

(David Yann [Fra]) #230

i run galaxy tab s2 , and no problem

(Oleg) #231

Hello all! HTC u12+ and Tacx Neo is supported in full functionality.

(Greg Anthony) #232

Could you be more specific regarding “Runs Well” and “OK”? Im looking to buy a dedicated device but don’t see reasonably spending 500 to 1k for a dedicated device. The “Jelly Pro” looks to be the size I’d like. All I care is that it runs without any clutter of other apps and I won’t be using it as a phone. Please advise.

(Michael Tucker) #233

Right now there’s no ANT+ support and many people are having trouble with the resistance not being controlled on smart trainers so I’d say it doesn’t run well on any device.

(Beau Riese) #234

OK, so I ordered a HF belt that uses Bluetooth smart (4.0), and it connects to Zwift on the Huawei Tablet, but it shows no haertbeat (0 bpm). OK, it was a chaep one (Powrx, 15 €), so I should look for a HF belt that is known to work well. Is there any recommendation?

(David Luppnow) #235

Just an FYI for those who have it and are wondering. Zwift works perfectly on the Mate 20 Pro. Just did one quick cycle last night. So so happy I can use that. Make getting my workout in so much quicker now. Thanks to those involved for the dev work.

(John L) #236

Beelink GT1 (G912 - Alvatech ROM) works well (need ANT+ tho so I can use an external dongle next to the trainer) - onboard BT not strong enough to connect across the room - random dropouts.

Frame rate decent for a little android box @ 1080p resolution (50 inch screen).

UPDATE: Gets a little sluggish on the bigger stage races in the beginning (i.e. 2000 riders) - catches back up when the group starts to thin out…

(David Dunlop) #237

I bought one (Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1) for myself specifically for Zwift. Gutted.

(David Dunlop) #238

I keep trying the same apk in the hope that it will magically work after Android updates. :sob:

(Andy Swash(Fight Night D)🇬🇧) #239

Come on Zwift…make it happen!!! We’re purchasing tablets/computers specifically for Zwift and being let down :frowning: boo!

(Richard Steward) #240

Zwift runs on my Mi Max 2, but black background and riders not showing.