Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: March 9th, 2019)

(Sententsiya Sport) #201

xiaomi Mi A2 is a black screen, and the problem is not solved

(Jose Antonio Diego Gonzalez) #202

Black screen on Huawei MediaPad T3 tablet 3GB Ram 1.4GHz processor 32GB capacity. I was expecting similar performance as mediapad m3. GPU is ADRENO 308, 27 FLOPS
Did anyone else try…?

Can I pick lower game settings to see me on screen whatever image quality I get? Certainly better than a black screen…

I have also a MOTO G5 PLUS XT1685 3GB RAM 32GB ROM, ADRENO 506 Graphics (100 FLOPS), that it should work from spec perspective, but unfortunately I cannot download the app for that smartphone…

(Michalo S) #203

nokia 8 works smooth but no btle meilan sensors found , those sensors by ant+ cad & spd work via strava

(Alex Nunez) #204

How does the game look when playing off the shield? Been debating between the shield and an apple tv 4k and zwift plays a big role in it. Thanks in advance.

(B I.G.Floor (Tacx NEO)) #205

Looks terrible on my Shield TV, like 720p, not smooth at all.
Seems to me they do NOT take into account that the Shield TV has an excellent GPU

(Kyle MacDermaid) #206

Anyway we could get the lists broken up by phone vs tablet? Some of these aren’t as popular of brands, and I’m trying to research a good tablet to get to run zwift.

(Scott Olsen [DIRT]) #207

I got the companion app running on my Amazon Fire HD 10 (7th gen) running Fire OS I had to jump through some hoops to get the play store installed but the app runs decent. I had it crash a few times when looking at other peoples activities, but it has yet to crash in the middle of a ride.

I followed option 1 (

(Martin Eybek Rig) #208

The screen of my Huawei MediaPad M3/Lite is very dark in Innsbruck, but complete black i.e. in NY.
Is there planed an update for this device to have a good view in every world?

(Andy Swash(Fight Night D)🇬🇧) #209

Just been bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A by my wife for Christmas. Absolutely gutted to find I can’t run Zwift on it…how much longer before you provide support to the most popular samsung range?

(Peter Poulsen [DKCZ]) #210

Hi, any date for ANT+ so I can connect my Garmin SDM4 and start using the running feature?

(Khal Issa) #211

Samsung s7 is not working at all

(Aaron) #212

Zwift is working on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Zwift V 1.0.32197. Android V 8.0.0.

(Khal Issa) #213

Hmm, interesting. I have tried multiple approaches for no luck! Any special tip?

(Florian R) #214

Black screen with Xiaomi redmi 5 plus. :sob::sob::sob:
And fail error on Xiaomi Mi box 3

When is it planned next update ?

(Sententsiya Sport) #215

New update did not help. Everything is still. xiaomi mi a2

(Florian R) #216

Same Xiaomi redmi 5 plus

(M H-D) #217

Desperately awaiting a version that supports the popular Samsung Tab A :sleepy:

(Christopher Mucklow) #218

Ive tried using an apk downlaod but it still wont install!! I agree it would be great to get it onto this device!

(Bas Sopora TT1) #219

@Vincent could you please add support (i.e. show in Playstore&allow install) for the Samsung A3 (2017, A320)? Currently even APK won’t install.

Hardware is extremely similar to Samsung A5 (listed “Runs OK”), Cortex A53 CPU with Mali-T830 GPU…

I want to at least try to run it on that phone before getting the Zwift footpod…

(Benjamin Kaufman) #220

I just DL’d the beta and it appears to be working on my LG G6. Going to order the foot pod and be zwifting at the gym! (I hope)