Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: Dec 22, 2019)

We have almost no visibility about supported tablets (phones are too small).
We don’t know why the Tab A isn’t supported since it meets the required specifications.

See the first post in this thread.

This is post is also helpful.
Samsung Tab A incompatible??

What do you mean ?

runs ok on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Is it possible to support samsung A6?

Hi, you install zwift with the play store ? In my galaxy s2 it’s impossible.
What version of Android do you have?
Thanks !

Samsung A10E that I just received from Verizon. I have downloaded the app, the app runs but the Game functions do not want to start. I have lots of other devices around that I can still use but I just thought you should know! I can provide more information if needed, I tried to remove the app and then reinstall it but to no avail.

Just switched my Wahoo KICKR 2018 for a Wahoor KICKR Core.
I used to be able to connect to my Google Pixel C, but now it is not showing up anymore.
Pixel C is running the most up-to-date OS and the KICKR Core the most recent Firmware.
I downgraded the Pixel OS to check if that would solve the problem, but no luck unfortuneatly.

S2? that phone is 9 years old i’m surprised it can still turn on let alone run any apps!

you need at least android 7 to run zwift

Yeah, that’s what really gets me. The only supported Tab A runs Android 6.0 and is a 2016 model. If you can even find one, I wouldn’t rely on it as the battery is on it’s way out. Hmmm…by Zwift’s own requirements, that Tab shouldn’t be able to run Zwift.

There are 8 different models of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A - we only support one:


The system on a chip (SoC) is the Qualcomm MSM8953 (Snapdragon 625)

Sorry, tab s2. I install zwift with a apk file finaly. I change my tablet for a s5e, I test it soon.

works great on Asus Zenfone 6 (2019)

sorry about the slow response

i did sign up under the beta program. maybe that’s the difference. it definitely works.
it’s Galaxy Tab S2, model SM-T813, running Android 7.0