Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: Dec 22, 2019)

muchas gracias por contestar. Me puedes indicar si lo has probado conectandolo con la conexion ant+??. Gracias

Hola, He intentado usar un dongle Ant + pero desafortunadamente nunca he logrado que funcione. No estoy seguro
de por qué no funcionará. Gracias Tony

I want to buy a tablet for Zwift. Do you know if I can download your app in the tablet Woxter x100 v3? It has:
Google Android 9.0
CPU: Mediatek Quad Core Cortex A53, 1,3 GHz a 64 bits

Thank you so much.

Is anyone successfully running Zwift on a Lenovo Tab? I have a Tab 3 8 (TB3-850F) which is in the list of compatible devices but can’t see the app in Google Play. Running LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2).


Hi, when is there likely to be a version of Zwift App that is compatible with Lenovo E10 tablet?

The Zwift Companion app is compatible but it would have been better to get he main app working on this device 1st

The Lenovo E10 uses a Snapdragon 210 chip, which is a very entry-level chip.

For example, based on Antutu v7 and Geekbench 4.4 benchmarks, it is about 20% of the speed of the Snapdragon 660, which runs Zwift quite well with only a few slowdowns now and then.
Worryingly, the 210 Antutu GPU score is only 2% of the 660, so I highly doubt it will run Zwift well.

am looking for a cheap tablet to use Zwift unfortunately my Huawei is not supported

Does anyone know of this is compatible with the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite?

It states Tab S6 in the pinned on post but not the lite version yet.

Many thanks.

EDIT: Just realised that the S6 Lite is not released until June 30 so I guess my question is now will it be supported when released.

EDIT 2. It is out in the UK.

Zwift does not work on Samsung Note 8 since April 30. Thanks for having me lose my group workouts

A mi en el huawei p20 pro me funciona perfectamente

Using a Google Pixel 4 XL. Zwift runs great on it, but the companion app and Zwift drop bluetooth connection to Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors in almost a regular cycle. Connects for a second, signal strength goes down over 2-5 seconds, disconnects, (usually) reconnects, signal strength goes down for 2-5 seconds, disconnects. Sometimes I have to reset bluetooth and restart Zwift for the reconnect to happen, but it quickly goes back to this cycle. Signal strength in the Wahoo app is solid at 3 bars and that is what Zwift initially connects at and then steps down to 2, 1, none, disconnect.

Zwift and the connection to the Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors work great with no signal strength issues when connected over ANT using Pixel 4 XL with an Anker USB C to USB A adapter with the Wahoo ANT USB dongle plugged into it.

Adds an extra $30 to the setup, and is sort of in the way on my handlebars. Other than lack of convenience the only real downside is it is not a pass through adapter for charging so the phone can die if my ride is more than an hour or so.

Anne, I have my Pixel 4 XL set up on the Garmin ANT stick ( connected through an Anker USB C to USB 3 adapter (

I installed THREE ANT services to get it to work:

  1. ANT+ Plugins Services (

  2. ANT USB Service (

  3. ANT Radio Service (

Accepted all permission requests and restarted the phone. After that I could select the ANT icon on the left hand side of the Zwift Paired Devices screen. I left BT and ANT “pulsing” and I get a quick pairing with both of my Wahoo Speed and Cadence sensors now whenever I start Zwift up.


Box tv android com estas características *Arm64-v8a ABI (arquitetura Arm64)

  • 1 Gig de RAM mínimo
  • OpenGL ES 3.0 ou superior
  • Android 7.0 ou superior. Vai dar para pedalar na tv box android ?
    Android tv box with these features * Arm64-v8a ABI (Arm64 architecture)
  • 1 Gig minimum RAM
  • OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher
  • Android 7.0 or higher. Will you be able to pedal on the android tv box?

For anyone interested both Zwift and the companion app work on the Huawei m6 tablet. The tablet doesn’t come with Google play installed though so it is a faff about to side load it.

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I have Redmi note 8 Pro, Garmn speed and cadence sensors V2, I connect sensors via bluetooh.

At the same time, the speed and cadence sensors do not show data in Zwift, only the last connected.

In another application on the same phone, on a laptop, everything is ok.

Hello, I am a total newbie and total techno phobe. I am currently awaiting delivery of a tread mill (Sportstech F37) it was within my budget.
Now I have stumbled upon Zwift and this may be a game changer for my future running.
I don’t own a pc or mac, or ipad.
I do however have a firestick and I know how to screen mirror (however this might not always be a possible option family TV). I have a Zwift footpod. I am about to upgrade my mobile phone, I have a huawei, but prefer samsung and have been looking at Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, is this phone compatable just to use with zwift or would an iphone be better? Or is a tablet purchase in order and if so which one would be most cost effective I would only use it for zwift. Sorry for so many questions but thank you in anticipation. UK runner.

Tracy, the Samsung S20 Plus isn’t currently on the supported list most likely as it’s a new phone. Email to see if it’s supported. I’m going to assume that it being one of Samsung’s new flagship phones it will be supported. I’ve got a Zwift footpod as well along with a Pixel 3 phone. I finally got everything connected on a gym treadmill a couple days before quarantine went into affect.

I’d suggest staying away from a tablet as it doesn’t run on many current ones (for example the new Samsung Tab A)

I’m wondering if your Sportstech might work directly with Zwift. It isn’t on their list of supported treadmills. The F37 looks to be a newer treadmill so you never know…
However Amazon’s review of the F37 lists as one of it’s Pros - Connectivity with apps and other devices for a more interactive and interesting run

My Samsung TabA doesnt work so i am trying to find a mid price tab that does. The first list is all phones. Do i have to go through this list of 529 posts to see if there is a decent tab compatible with your program?
Where is your customer support? I maybe cancelling after your free month.

Will Zwift ever work on Nvidia Shield TV? It works on Apple TV 4K so why no support for the Shield?

Hello, I don’t think it works, since the processor does not comply with Arm64-v8a ABI (Arm64 architecture), I have tried several options of android tv box, I have not found one that works, apparently the swift apk is only for devices 64-bit.