Android Spindown on s8 with Snap

I think this is a known bug, but I wanted to ask the status of this feature for the Beta. The spindown on my '17 Snap through Zwift fails everytime (stick at 1 mph). Samsung s8 device. Zwift is typically stable outside of this issue (assuming I stay in the app).

The work aorund is to minimize zwift and open the Wahoo app. This disconnects bluetooth and causes a cascade of problems trying to reconnect devices post Spindown (Wahoo HRM and BT cadence). Often times I am running late to race and cant connect the devices in time.

Update. Spindown does still not work on the Beta.

If you have time do the spindown first (Wahoo) before entering Zwift. Then exit the Wahoo app, wake up your sensors and go into Zwift.

Yeah. I end up typically riding for 10 minutes, switching apps to the Wahoo apps, running spindown and the switching back to zwift (making sure I close the wahoo app).

My main issue with this is that I often have BT connection problems. HR and Cadence may not reconnect and sometimes my trainer wont connect.

I often ride at 5:15-5:40 in the morning and try to do races, so this can be a frustrating user experience if things do not go perfectly causing me to miss my race/event on zwift.