android phone app

(William Dawes) #1

does any one else have issues with the android phone app. on both my sony z3 and samsung S7 it connects fine , works for a few minutes with no issue then hangs/freezes . the pc tells me its not connected but the phone continues to say it is connected although nothing works. 


this started effecting me back in feb/march before that it worked with no issues. im now coming back to zwift for autumn/winter and need to solve this as at the moment the app is unuseable

(Stef Levolger) #2

I’m not experiencing any issues with the android app myself.

Seeing as to how the PC indicates that the phone would not be connected, are it perhaps WiFi issues at play?

How does the app respond if you connect to it over 3G/4G, just for the sake of testing to see whether the app itself actually keeps running (it won’t have the same functionality).

(Matt Canna) #3

First you can not go over 3g/4g access it requires the wifi as it gets the ip address as the controller.

If you watch the log it will specifically ping that address.

I had this issue a while ago.  To correct the issue i did the following:

Clear the cache on my phone android phones have a tendancy to store a lot of data in the cache and it can impede the phone

restart my router and broadband modem, clear the dynamic addresses.

Forget the wifi network on the phone and re add it.

then start everything a new again.