Android: How to I get Full Screen after Pie update?

(zwill) #1

Hello Zwifters,

The steps below worked for my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (T-Mobile)

  1. Enable Zwift app for full screen: Settings - Display - Full Screen apps - Zwift . This should already be default, but check

  2. Enable Full screen gestures: Settings - Display - Navigation Bar - Full Screen Gestures

  3. Disable Gesture Hints: Settings - Display - Navigation Bar - Full Screen Gestures. Turn this OFF !

Step 3 was the key.

My reference was this reddit post; if the above steps don’t work for you, perhaps these will.

There are many devices and OS variations, so if y’all have other steps for your device please share!


(😺🐾) #2

Not all phones have a force full screen option. My Sony XZ Premium doesn’t. Best if Zwift supports full screen itself.

(zwill) #3

Hello FRIC,
Sorry for the troubles.
Hopefully Sony will release an OS version w straightforward nav bar removal. It’s one of the few device families that lacks this feature.
There are vids online of various ways to defeat this but they usually involve some other app or rooting.

I’ve investigated “forcing full screen” from the game code but we haven’t had time to to implement or test.
We do have a bunch of higher priority items, but we can add this to the list… The sheer number of Android devices, GPUs and OS variants makes our job pretty challenging. in terms of ensuring a consistent experience.

That said, I wanted to let you know your feedback is both vital and appreciated.