Android crash leads to two identical entries in my activities

I used android yesterday and when i came to end the ride I accidentally minimised the game (sweaty/fat fingers!) and when i loaded it back up it said there was a ride that hadn’t saved so i continued this ride and then saved it. I now have duplicate entries in my activities list.

I think the totals only count once (at least they do for my weekly and monthly goal targets)

I have noticed this previously too so don’t think it is specific to me or a one off.

Hi @Chris_Holton

I seem to recall an issue (long ago) where when the Zwift app is minimized on Android (or maybe it was also iOS), it disconnects the app from the internet, which can perhaps result in the behavior you’ve described. I feel like this was once a known issue (e.g. game bug) but I can’t seem to find any previous reference to it.

That being said, what you’ve explained does sound like potentially buggy behavior by the Zwift app. Since this will likely involve analysis of your log files, I would recommend that you contact Zwift technical support for further assistance.

You can reach us here.

thanks will do.

It is easy to replicate and happens each time if the app is minimised before ending properly.

I had thought it might be the auto-save file and the actual one but the details are identical so don’t think it is that as the auto save version would be rounded to the previous 10 minute point.


Sounds good @Chris_Holton

When you write in for support, it would also be terrific if you could send us a video exhibiting the issue. Maybe you can do a screen recording from your Android and send that to our support team.

In my experience, a video exhibiting the issue can be immensely helpful for bug reporting purposes and also just for our general understanding of the issue.

Hi @Chris_Holton

I’m sorry for the delayed reply on this, but I did hear back from the team and confirmed that we have a bug report written up for this issue. It’s now with the Zwift dev team and they’ll be working on a fix. Thanks again for letting us know!

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