Android BLE with Misuro B+ and Polar V800 Blutooth

(David Jacobs B&DCC) #1

I’m on a trial version of Zwift, and trying to connect the Turbo muin and Polar H7 though Bluetooth BLE. I’ve connected with the Phone app enabled in the setup screen, and cycling gives me cadence, power and heart-rate. As soon as I start to ride I can only see heart-rate and cadence. 

Getting a bit frustrated as every time it looses connection I have t go through the whole Zwift initialization as there’s no back to pairing option. 


Any advice? Phone is Xperian Z5

(Darren Johnson) #2

there is a option to go back to pairing…a ;little arrow on the bottom left of the ride screen. (on pc)

you are setting up the misurio b+ wrong by the sounds of it I was having the same problems and this is how i fixed it

(Nick Jhones) #3

I don’t know how to pair in this Bluetooth I need help. I am operating android ble with misuro b and polar v800 Bluetooth but unable to operate properly. I have fixed its issue from AOL customer service  also explained its features.