Android Beta General FAQ

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Welcome to the Zwift Android beta! We hope it’ll be a smooth ride, but there may be some speed bumps ahead, so here’s a “thank you!” in advance for your feedback and bug reports.

We know you’ve got tons of questions, and we’ll be answering new ones as they come up, but here’s a few we’ve answered in advance:

How do I download the Android beta?
It’s available in the Google Play Store . No special invite necessary. However, there are limited quantities available. If you are unable to download Zwift beta, you may need to wait until the next release date for availability.

Will my device run Zwift? How well will it run?
See our supported devices post for all the details.

My device isn’t supported now. Will that change before/after launch?
We don’t have plans to support older devices at this time. Zwift is a graphically demanding app, so you’ll continue to need a newer, flagship device.

Zwift is asking for Location permissions. Are you spying on me?****!
This is confusing (we know), but as of Android 6.0 , Bluetooth access lives under Location permissions - so in order to connect your Bluetooth sensors with Zwift, we need to request access. We take your privacy seriously, so we don’t use anything unrelated to Zwift like your GPS location, etc. If you’re not comfortable enabling this, you should opt-out of the beta.

I found a bug! Where should I report it?
The first rule of being a good beta tester is to make sure a bug isn’t a known issue.

Bugs found on the Android beta may be affecting Zwift as a whole, not just Android, so we recommend checking our known bugs first . We also encourage you to browse/search this sub-forum, too - just in case one of your fellow testers found the same bug first.

The second rule of being a good tester is making sure you’re using a standard setup: bugs that are found on beta OS versions, with developer options on, or while third-party software is running are lower priority.

If the bug isn’t a known issue or posted in this forum, create a new post and let us know! Information that’s helpful to us includes:

  • Device brand and model
  • Game build version
  • Which world you were in (Watopia/Richmond/London)
  • What type of ride you were doing (Regular/Workout/Group Ride)
  • Any specific repro steps

My game crashed/my .fit file didn’t upload! What should I do?
If you need to get your .fit file for your ride, you can follow the instructions for iOS in this article explaining how to extract those (tl;dr: tap the Zwift logo three times), as the process will be the same.

We can also help figure out why you crash and pass relevant information on to the dev team if you submit a support ticket

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