Android app stopped working half way through a ride

(lee wakefield) #1

Hi, I went for a ride yesterday using the android app for controlling my direction etc, it worked fine at first and I was able to choose my direction etc.  However after a few miles I came upto a turn and found the turn buttons missing from the phone app, I ended up having to stop and get off the bike and click the button on the screen to choose my turn direction just in time.  After the junction I noticed that none of the other actions such as bell seemed to work.  Would be nice to at-least have some-kind of warning on the phone app if it’s no longer active.

(Mark Josepher) #2

I cannot even start the app on my phone right now. 

i click the app and nothing happens.  No crash, nothing, it just doesn’t start

(lee wakefield) #3

It did it again tonight :(  Even closing and restarting the app don’t help :frowning:


(William Dawes) #4

Ive given up with the android app after the last two updates it just hangs constantly and is practically unuseable on my Sony z3.  It used to work fine ive uninstalled and reinstalled it makes no difference.  puckily my laptop is within reach…