Android app problems - I figured out what causes the connection issues

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 I’ve just finished a 21km free ride and I had issues with the Android Mobile app again.


  1. Heart rate freezes at a random value and the Mobile app stops sending heart rate info to the desktop app. This happened more than once tonight. My heart rate monitor is a Polar H7 connected to an Hauwei P8 Lite phone. Other apps like the Polar Flow app and the Tacx Utility app communicate with the HR monitor fine and show the correct HR every time I use them.

I’ve had long rides in Zwift with this same phone and HR monitor previously and had no issues, so this is actually a new problem for me.

When it happens, if I quit the Zwift Mobile app, disable Bluetooth on the phone, enable it again, and then run the Zwift Mobile app again, it comes right, but then after a while it froze again. 

Everything else in the Mobile app seems to carry on working fine though, it’s only the Bluetooth HR connection having issues.


  1. As a result of the HR issues from point 1 above, I quit the mobile app so I could restart it to try and fix the HR problem. BUT, then I found that it no longer wanted to connect to the desktop app over Wifi at all.

I’ve seen other users post about this same problem, and I figured out what is going on.

The problem is that even if you go to the Android task list and quit the app there so that it looks like the app is no longer running on the phone, if you go to the Notifications list on the phone, you will find a Notification sitting there for Zwift, with some ride info and 2 options at the bottom, “U-Turn” and something else.

The problem is, that Notification is for THE PREVIOUS instance of the Zwift app and not the new instance you just started. I actually had THREE of those notifications in the notifications list at the same time at one point, which all appeared to be for 3 separate instances of the app !

That’s a problem because it would seem that those Notifications are actually attached to a running instance of the app hiding somewhere in memory which is STILL holding the TCP/IP port that is required for connection to the desktop app, which means it effectively blocks any other instance of the app that you open.

Being a mobile developer myself I’m assuming this is not intended behaviour and probably an oversight and that any pending notifications related to Zwift should be killed along with the app when a user quits the app ?


I hope that helps you to pin down and eradicate the last of the lingering issues with the Android mobile app.



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Hi Allan, 

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge! We really appreciate your engagement. 

Ride On!