Android App / Group Ride / beeing kicked out game mode

HI there,

after the adroid update i run in a very annoying bug…everytime i join a group ride, i get kicked out after a while, therefore i am not able to get the bonusbuttons, which allows me to keep to gruppeto…

Please change this, as i am currently very very frustrated while zwifting, this basically ruins my training.

I run a new huawei p 10 lite Android 7.0


Please help me


Are you referring to the Zwift Mobile Link app for Zwift? I think you must be.

I can confirm that since the last Zwift update neither of my 2 Android devices stay connected in Game mode i.e. I lose the map, Zwifters nearby, dashboard and messages screen. Prior to the update things were working fine on both devices.

Same thing, when joining a group ride all other features of Mobile Link are there but Game mode disappears. Cant take pictures or give Ride Ons, very frustrating. Running on Android and have ensured I am on the same internet connection.