Andorid app lags then disconnects

(Matt Canna) #1

Getting tired of chasing my tail with non-existant help from the it help ticket system.


Can you please patch this.

(. TomH..) #2

Hi Matt, 

We’re sorry you’re having bad experience with our ticket system. I just checked the ticket and few of our agents is trying to help you - (last reply few hours ago). I can assure you we’re trying our best to solve the issue, however sometime it involves a lot of internal testing with multiple number of our engineers.

Please be patient and we will contact you with further steps soon. 

Thank you

(Matt Canna) #3


It has been an ongoing issue for a month.

It will work solid for a day or 2, then the problem will return


I have done as much as i can to try and rectify issue.

restarted router

restarted phone

force stop app

clear cache to app

reinstall app on phone