analysing results and offline capabilities

I just started using zwift, after my first rides I was looking for some in detail analyses of my results to discover that zwift doesn’t really facilitate this.

Is it really true that zwift doens’t provide any graphs on wattage, speed, HR? The only thing I see is the bar with a summary of my results.

The same goes for a sort of menu that I am missing in which it would be possible to change settings that I can now only change after starting a ride (for instance bike and rider setup)


would be great if these features would be incorporated in zwift in the near future


Zwift has stated in other threads that there are improvements coming to the website and that is will include more of what you are asking, but they have not given an ETA on when it is going to be released.

Zwift does provide graphs of some of your ride data.


If you want to change rides setup like your bike or wheels or clothing, just press the orange arrow button on the bottom left of your screen, this will bring up the settings menu.