AMD integrated Makuri and NY crashing, Zwift shuts down and exits

AMD-based system
Ryzen 5 5625U 8GB RAM, Radeon RX Vega 7, Windows 11
Makuri, NY crash on every attempt to run them. Zwift freezes and shuts down/exits. Sometimes the system shuts down as well.

Not all graphics rendered, e.g. pavement/road and feet not rendered, rider nationality flags = white blanks, user settings screen, ride summary, save ride and home screen white blanked all over.

Very high memory use 95%+ with Zwift running

What’s the file path of your Zwift install?

Hello Dave,
C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift

Like this yeah? Not in a further subfolder?

Yes, all within the one main Zwift folder

And your Documents folder is on C: too? If so then I’m out of ideas, someone posted recently and they’d installed it into \zwift\zwift\ which caused some graphics not to render correctly as you seem to be seeing. Someone else had Documents mapped to another drive which was causing crashing. In both instances, going back to the default config sorted it.

Only other thing to check is that you’re on a recent Radeon driver (OpenGL performance is miles better) and try clearing the shader cache.

Yeah Documents is on C: too. Okay, I’ll check drivers and try clearing cache… thanks!

So not just Makuri and NY, happening with Watopia as well. Radeon driver timeout. Zwift crashes and exits, crashes the computer half the time too. As it stands this computer will not reliably run Zwift.

If anyone encounters this and figures it out, please share.