Am I Being Penalized?

I race the D Group. The guys that win are putting out 3.5 to 4 wpk. I can put out 3 wpk and this may get me a top 10. Sometimes I am in a 3R race in the D Group and may be having a strong day at 3 to 3.2 wpk riding at the front. Then all of a sudden everyone around me disappears and I am 2 minutes behind the group. This is pretty bogus. Sometimes I don’t show up in the standings at the end of the race, Is this a glitch or is the race organizer penalizing me. It has happened several times.If I raced the C group I would come last at these power levels.

If this is the race organizer penalizing me, it seems pretty uptight. It only happens in 3R races and there seems to be too many 3R events.

This is generally related to connectivity. Either your Internet connection isn’t great, or your WiFi dropping out.

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Thanks! my Wifi is quite weak where I have Zwift set up.

1 Like can help check if ANT+ connections are a likely cause too.

Also check this out:

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If you are using a dumb trainer and speed sensor, change your battery.
Sometimes I get 2 months from a battery other times 2-3 weeks.
As soon as I see something wonky with my speed senor I change it.
When all the other riders disappear, that is a WiFi connectivity issue.
When I’m pedaling and my power suddenly drops from 180 to 0 then back to 60 with no input changes, then it’s the battery and I change it no matter when the last time I did so.
Last year, I bought a batch of bad batteries that only lasted a week.

I use a power meter.

I would look at a WiFi extender. Quality ones can be had for under $100. I have my laptop connected to the ethernet for Zwift. It’s the only way I can get a stable connection for the races.

and stop riding D grade when you clearly are NOT a D grade rider ~ you are complaining about people like YOU!


95% of the time I am putting out 2.5 wpk. 3 wpk is my 5 minute power. In the D cat the top 10 beat me by 3 minutes in a 30 minute race. I am a D rider. Lots of D riders win the overall race beating As, Bs and Cs. So go rant to them.

D is MAX of 2.4 - so you’re already over that. stop complaining about doing what you yourself are guilty of. get some morals, and man up in your correct grade. Those other “10” are all just like you.
Im supposing you’ll never sign up at ZPower because you will DQ every race.

when I’m racing and see peeps like you who aren’t registered, i ignore, don’t help, don’t chase, don’t care - because the results will show you don’t even exsist; and those who are registered, get DQ’d, and their power files and data are all right there for the world to see exactly how good your really “weren’t”

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I have done a few C races when I want a good work out. Also, a lot of times, there are only 7 or 8 finishers in D. C is by far the largest category which makes racing exciting. I will race C from now on.

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good for you. you are a C. register at Zwiftpower, and make your races official/ keep a good record of your improvements etc.

Okay. Thanks.

ZwiftPower seconded. Ignore the race results that Zwift App gives you, they are totally useless as many, many, many riders just power through D and C races and get a “win” while averaging 3 or 4 wkg (who knows why!). ZwiftPower will give adjust your results into the right level with like-minded honest racers and give you a real reflection of what level you’re at.

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Danny, interesting point you make. How do I tell which people on my race are not registered on ZwiftPower. I only find out who’s not on ZwiftPower when I check the results afterwards??? I usually ignore the Zwift App results.

the easiest way, is to have another browser open on another device nearby; like a laptop etc. have it opened to Zwift power on your event, and click LIVE. any rider that is in your race that isnt appearing on LIVE is not registered.
I also sometimes check on my groups HR’s. I see who has HR and who doesnt. Even registered riders dont use HR’s at times, so i count them out too ( and also ZP riders, * they dont have a bolt next to their name )
It all depend on whats happening in the race. You can chose to ignore them when they attack, and let somone else chase… or just let them solo for their own personal victory. 9 out of 10 times they say they are only riding for fun/fitness and dont care ( but they do, cause they are going hard ).
Its a tactical thing at times, looking at who is doing the work, who are resgistered, who has HR monitors, etc. Then marking your rivals in the group, or dropping the guy you dont want there.

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