Always shows no movement or watts

I’ve previously had a problem linking my turbo trainer on here: I’m 53kgs so just get flagged every time and gave up (I’m 15 so small!).

This time I’ve bought an Elite Zumo direct turbo. However, it connects, shows up rpm but no watts. There’s also a power meter connected and this doesn’t seem to get picked up either. The ANT+ dongle is therefore working, but not doing anything apart from showing rpm.

Help please? What am I doing wrong here?


Hey @Timothy_Lane_JRC, welcome to the forums!

Are you connected as a controllable trainer and power with ANT+ FE-C to your Zumo?

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Yes Mike. I’ve connected via ANT+ through to a Windows 10 PC. It all runs but only rpm shows.

That may be because I’ve got a lapsed account. That’s in process of being sorted.

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Ok, make sure it is the FE-C option and let us know if the account payment gets you going.

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Thanks - got it working. The Under 16 membership wasn’t added so I’ve had to pay although I’m still 15.

??? Did your parent/guardian submit the form to get you a free account?

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