Alternative to ZwiftHub now live

Hey fellow Zwifters,

After hearing the news, I spent the past few weeks putting together a new app after hours. I’ve just put it live and am ready for users to have a play with it. I think the most exciting feature is the ability to ‘ride with a friend’, by seeing the routes that you both need to get.

It also has bikes, wheel sets, etc. with specs. I’m still in the process of adding maps and details, but Watopia is done!

I can’t post links here, but if you look for MioZwift on facebook or YouTube, you’ll find a video and links :slight_smile:

If people find it helpful, I’ll continue to work on it.

Ok, bedtime for me… gotta ride in the morning!

Sounds interesting, not sure if you’ve seen this post - ZwiftHub Joins the Zwift Insider Family - Zwift Insider


Hi David,

Ah, nope, hadn’t seen that! Good news for ZH users :slight_smile:

MioZwift is a different approach… I’ll see if there’s any take-up, and make decisions from there.

I find the list view more user-friendly than grids, plus the route hunting with friends a time saver.


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