Alternative rides!

Alternative rides !

As an ageing cyclist, who has sercummdd to a variety of injuries over the long years. I can no longer win races, or indeed cycle fast at all !
I am for the most part being overtaken by young fit cyclists, who are at their prime.

May I propose an alternative side to the Zwift challenges, rides, and kinds of bikes available.

I am quite happy tootling along at 1 grade of effort, as any more and my hart and breathing begin to overload. 2 is about my max, and not for very long.

Can I have a Butchers bike with a basket on the front, this I can use to deliver meat, bread fish, vegetables to the various establishments within the game ! And be rewarded accordingly. Not have to do the ride at brake neck speed, just complete the delivery.

Or be a delivery rider in New York, with a street bike.
A policeman on an old upright bike, with a whistle.
A recumbent bike, going on holiday.
Have a tandem bike,
Put a dog in the front basket.
Or an Ice cream salesman, with a heavy load of lollypops, in that big box out front.

This would then make me feel a whole lot better getting overtaken ! And to give us not so fast riders a way to get some real points, and respect from the top, glowing wheeled fast youngsters.

Peter, ( game name, “ 2. Jelly Legs “ ) and 64 years old, one broken knee, a failing hart, and a sore ass.

You want the safety bike. But unfortunately, currently to get that you need to do a very large amount of riding.

Yes, it is a strange world where wearing lycra is enforced, no bikes have pannier racks or bells, and your avatar can’t just stop for a picnic.