Alpe trouble 🤷‍♀️

Here I am again with another question! Soo, never have I EVER made it up the alpe :sleeping: I cant seem to make it up. Is it cuz I’m an impatient teen? Or is it cuz I’m using the wrong bike? I used the TT… I’m now starting to guess… that’s not the best idea? ITS SO SLOW! Any suggestions? Help is always appreciated!



TT bikes are slow climbers. You have to generate some power to climb steep hills.
How is your power to weight ratio?

As Zee says TT bikes are relatively slow…but not so much slower that it’s going to literally make or break an Alpe effort. We’re talking seconds to small numbers of minutes in what is generally a 45 minute to 2+ hour effort, so don’t dwell too much on that. But yeah, ride a road frame. The climb itself is about 12K…how many watts are you holding on the steep parts? If you’re averaging 6kph it’s going to take 2 hours. If you’ve climbed the Epic KOM, how long did that take? More info on your setup would be helpful as well…smart trainer or zpower, maybe some stats on other routes you have done. Do you just run out of time/patience at some point, or are you not even getting through the first few switchbacks?

What’s the longest that you’ve stuck at it?

Even very fit cyclists are working hard to get sub one hour.

How have you got on with the Epic KOM if you’ve done that?

Uh, the longest I’ve stuck at it was probably 30mins. :sob:

It’s probably more of a mental thing that a physical barrier that you’re facing - your mind telling you that you can’t do it, when in fact you can. As long as you pace yourself correctly, there’s no reason you can’t make it all the way up. Starting off too fast is a sure way to fail - you need to keep a steady pace that you can maintain for the whole climb.

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That makes sense. I usually tell myself I can do it… but I end up only going half way.

Agree, its much as Steve says. If you just keep pedaling at a comfortable level you can do it but it may be nearer 2-hours the first time. The main physical challenge will just be being in the saddle for that long, so try to set yourself a program of doing a progressively longer ride each week. Don’t ride for at least two days before attempting the Alpe, and distract yourself from what you’re doing with music/radio/audiobooks/whatever is you thing - anything that helps the time pass quicker.

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Thank you Mark. Yeah I do 1hr workouts almost everyday. I always listen to music… maybe it’s time to change to the movies? :woman_shrugging:

Keep at it! I’ve done the Alpe 40 times, and my best time is still over an hour.

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I’m still gaping and I’ve read this 5 times already :star_struck: