Alpe du Zwift - Thanks

(Gerrie Delport) #1

Good job Zwift Team.

I was very skeptical about a long climb like this, I am not a fast climber so I thought climbing for 1.5 hours will be very boring. You made it exiting and fun.

It was so much fun I did it Twice.

Keep up the good work. Thanks


(Jon Bradley T-ZHR) #2

As above …loved the climb and shall ride it often. Stunning scenery and visuals, and loved the


Thank you all at Zwift h.q

(Henning Nieboer ZRG (B)) #3

Hi folks, tremendous job, already loving it. Was well worth the long wait. Keep up the good work. Ride & run on!



(simon walker1965) #4

Been asking for this for 2yrs marvellous!!! what about the velodrome lol…so I can set my own hour record

(Neil Bell) #5

Thanks for listening and implementing this! haven’t ridden it yet but will do so tomorrow… Looks spectacular!

(Zak P) #6

New climb is great! …unlike my legs…  Like the way you get the expanded map for the climb.

(Mitch Godfrey) #7

Agreed. Love the the A du Z! I guess I was too tired and missed the Yeti. I’ll watch better next time. One question. Are those swirling leaves before you hit the snow line or what’s going on there?

Nice work Zwift!

(Wes Salmon (Zwift HQ)) #8

You’ve done it twice Gerrie? Nice work!

(Kristopher Barr) #9

Awesome climb!  I found it very true to the real Alp climbs.  Keep up the good work Zwift!!!

 Had my cycleops hammer overheat 44 min in though… may switch to a different unit… anyone else overheat on other smart trainers (so I know not to switch to another that has the same issue).

(Stuart Middlecoate) #10

Any other Tacx Neo owners nervous about the potential damage caused on the descent? When using the pedal assist it’s a good 10 minutes of it in operation. I’m not sure if the Neo was designed to do this for so long.

(Wes Coman) #11

Well done Zwift team!

I rode it for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed it. I agree with the comments above, all the details and changes in scenery add a huge amount to the experience and I was surprised at how fast the time went for a solid hours effort. Big thumbs up from me!

(Mikael Jonsson) #12

Great job ZHQ
AdZ is now the perfect route to do if you forgoten how slow and boring time on a turbo trainer can bee :frowning:

Enough now with clims every where, more flat roads, more flat routes…

(Stuart Middlecoate) #13

Nobody forces you to ride it Mikael. There are plenty of flat roads out there for you to entertain yourself on.

(Neil Bell) #14

There are a lot more miles of flat road than climbs on Zwift - if you’re finding AdZ boring you aren’t trying hard enough! Try putting it on 80-100% and see how you feel 3/4 of the way up - unless you are spinning on an MTB with dinnerplate sprockets I can guarantee that you won’t be bored… :wink:

(Neil Bell) #15

Did it yesterday incidentaly - spectacular! I’ve done Alpe d’Huez simulations on a number of platforms over the years and it always feels brutal. Combination of the pretty much unrelenting steepness (providing you haven’t turned it down), and in my case an inability to resist always trying to maintain something close to my FTP all of the way up…

I got the gloves at the top (would have preferred some new wheels! ;-)). I’m wondering, is the spinning wheel effectively random or can you control its initial speed by the power / cadence you are generating when you go over the finish line, or immediately afterwards?

(Mikael Jonsson) #16

Stuart & Neil…
Watopia flat with the “twist” of Esses or vulcano is the only flat course on Watopia, the short one in the vulcano don’t count. 
The rest is hilly, with AdZ there was a ton of new courses, one longer and higher then the next…

How could you guys miss that?

More flat roads with many new flat corses is needed to keep us who don’t like to climbe…

(Stuart Middlecoate) #17

You mean apart from the flat courses in London & the flat course on Richmond…

(Neil Bell) #18

I’d hardly describe most of Watopia as “hilly” - there are quite a lot of rolling roads but other than the epic KOM and now AdZ the only other hills are very short, the sort of thing you would encounter on any real ride outside of the Netherlands…

But really, completely flat courses utterly defeat the purpose of the interactive experience that Zwift provides! If there is no variation in gradient then the resistance will be the same at all points, so you may as well just be watching a video with the trainer set on a constant resistence - there weould be no point in having a smart trainer at all! It’s gradient variation that *creates* the immersive experience by linking what you see on the screen to what you feel in your legs…

(Brian Connery) #19

Impressive, and brutal. I guess I’m not ready to charge up Alpe du Huez in the Tour like I’ve dreamed about. Great addition. Thanks.