Alpe du zwift section

No auto scroll from section 4 board in alpe du zwift, The display is not correct. I have to scroll manually, when you climbing is not cool…

Other suggestion.
Add final section on section board.
22 to finish is not time.
The first section start with 1 but i think it is better to start at 0
Windows 10 and lastest zwift version.

A couple of days before I have reported this problem too - it is the same on Apple TV.

I think same problem on all platform.

Up no zwift answer ?

Hey Samuel I’m investigating on our side. Will give an update in a bit.

Edit: @Erik_Schumacher @Samuel_Leguevaques is this still happening to you on the latest update?

I think not

Ahh really? Well if it happens again before our newest update coming up, it should be fixed soon.

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