Alpe Du Zwift Level 12 :-( :-( could be bye bye zwift

(paul manchester) #61

I completely agree with others here that maps should not be locked behind XP progression. By all means put items, shirts etc, as things to unlock and aim for, but not maps/routes.

I appreciate the idea of motivating riders, most hardcore zwifters will be way beyond level 12 so it adds no incentive to them. Any casual zwifters/newbies will just be annoyed its another route they may not see for a month/year or so…



(Clayton Bigsby) #62

Wow…this is a great thread for Zwift to read…Probably beats the hell outta focus groups…

Anyway what i think is obvious is that there isn’t a one size fits all… We all ride different bikes, choose different gear, and train or ride for different reasons in “real life”… Hence Zwift illicits different responses or perceptions of its value to each of us.

I needed a way to stay fit over the winter months (seemingly all but June-August here🙄) and absolutely hated staring at a wall, tv…whatever… being indoors… so wasted a LOT of money on winter kit…WASTED being the key word here…as the roads didn’t care how well i was dressed…

I knew i needed to REALLY fool my brain (not too hard as it isn’t that large) if I was

going to be able to ride indoors…

Enter Zwift, a Black Friday deal on a Smart Trainer and 55” 4k tv…BOOM! EPIPHANY.

Its brilliant for me…its added a social aspect that ive never had cycling, gotten me into group riding, able to train consistently AND just chill out when i need to, regardless of time of day or weather, I live in the flatlands so I can go crazy building my climbing skills, and with the levels incentive, its kinda like a book on my night table that I keep retuning to to see whats gonna happen next.

I took delivery on the trainer in late December, and am closing in on level 12… I work 60 hr weeks with every other night away and manage 5hrs/week…oh…and i’m 64…


(Clayton Bigsby) #63

Ooops…make that late JANUARY… and 60-72 hrs…(for  6 day work weeks):scream:

dont want to sound too whiney…


(Lav TIS Pacing) #64

If you know a guy riding the Alps you can just join it no?

(Madeleine Kraus) #65

What an interesting array of feelings about the game. It seems to me that Alpe du Zwift is available to players of any level if they come in on a group ride doing the course or if they come in riding with a friend who is at level 12 or above.