Alpe Du Zwift Level 12 :-( :-( could be bye bye zwift

(Neil) #21

Disagree with the comments about climbs being something you only do occasionally - I love climbinng on zwift and other platforms. I’ll be using this new route A LOT…

It’s true that you usually see more people on the flats than on the climbs at any given time, but many of them will be doing structured workouts, just pottering about, etc… Climbing time is quality time…

(Zak) #22

I think it is great to have in-game things to work towards unlocking.  I ended up doing WAY more riding, and riding more consistently over this fall winter on Zwift because I was trying to unlock the Tron bike.  I actually didn’t have as much motivation once that silly little goal was reached.   After that I set some FTP improvement goals to keep me on Zwift and the Bike more consistently.  

Please add more items that take some time and effort to unlock!  

(Andre Hufschmid) #23

Who cares which level he/she is. I certainly don’t even though i am Level 25. I am on Zwift to keep in shape and train. Funny how little things like a Level matters to someone. I personally cannot understand that but oh well.

(Garibaldi Downhill) #24

Either way, its shit for the price and only the mugs will stay with it :wink:

(Graeme Riley) #25

My opinion fwiw, level 12 and above are beta testing the new route as some level of experience with Zwift would be preferable when giving feedback. I use Zwift as a training platform because I can’t get out on my bike during daylight and sitting on a trainer alone is boring as hell. 2 mths to level 12. I do race at weekends so keeping race fit is necessary to perform, and it’s working for me. Ride on :+1:. Btw where is the alp du Zwift route? I’ll be trying it tomorrow so how do I get to it.

(Nigel ) #26

Graeme - select “Road to sky”.

I rode it again yesterday as a recovery ride with Trainerroad controlling my Trainer. What was a hoot was once I got to the top and started back down, I hopped off my bike and let it coast all the way back down to the jungle route. I was able to get out of my cycling kit, go to the bathroom etc and my avatar kept on going all the way back to the flat. 12 km without me on my bike.

(Stuart Middlecoate) #27

“Either way, its shit for the price and only the mugs will stay with it ;)”


Never mind being level 12 on Zwift. How about you advance beyond childish levels of maturity.  With comments like the one above I’ll be glad to see the back of you.  

(Paul) #28

Garibaldi - it betrays your level of intelligence that you think it’s okay to routinely insult people who have a different opinion of something than yourself. Grow up.

(Wes Coman) #29

I have to admit when I first heard about the Alpe being added I wondered if I would be locked out due to my level. Thankfully (luckily?) I’m at 14 so was ok.

Perhaps it would be a nice idea to give folks at lower levels a chance to ‘earn’ temporary access to the locked out areas by completing acheivements. For example every time you complete 3 climbs to the radio mast this would unlock a days access to the alpe routes, 20 laps of the volcano would unlock something similar for the mayan loop etc. This would give people short term incentives to experience all areas of the map whilst building XP points for permanent access.

(Neil Lloyd) #30

agree and disagree with so many comments. i like the fact its a progressive platform and you earn unlocks as you ‘improve’ but i hate the fact the platform itself is so unreliable and crashes so often. almost 25% of my miles are not logged due to crashes, that means I’m doing the california challenge slower than i really am and this months 10,000ft climbing challenge currently reads 0/10,000 despite having logged 1024ft yesterday.

Until Zwift can stabilise the platform then i think they should do ‘teaser’ days when everything is unlocked and people can sample things they can unlock in there future.

then maybe the OP won’t be wishing for the mountain :wink:

(Nigel ) #31

“agree and disagree with so many comments. i like the fact its a progressive platform and you earn unlocks as you ‘improve’ but i hate the fact the platform itself is so unreliable and crashes so often. almost 25% of my miles are not logged due to crashes”

Something wrong with your setup I would suggest. I’ve had very few issues with Zwift and I’ve done 13,863 km on it. When I did have some issues of ANT+ dropping out it was resolved by buying a new ANT+ stick (at Zwift’s suggestion). I think I may have had one crash and that was caused by a server issue on Zwift’s end and a lot of other people crashed out. 

(Stuart Middlecoate) #32

I agree, been on zwift since 2016 & done over 14,000 km. Never had an issue caused by Zwift, always my end such as needing extension on ant+ dongle. I’ve setup 4 other systems all with dedicated pc’s using ant+. All working seamlessly.

(Neil Lloyd) #33

firstly, i dont use ANT, its a BLE connection from smart trainer direct to macbook pro. the problem is nothing to do with the connection but something to do with the zwift app crashing when i end the ride and try to save it. i have not changed my set up since day one and it has only just started crashing. secondly my wife rides the same set up with the same bike and trainer on her own profile and she has no problems so i doubt its a hardware issue (except maybe the companion app as i use android and she is on IOS). my broadband is also 200+mbps so cant see that being a problem. 

Either way its something zwift need to sort out or at least diagnose. Just because someone has ridden for years with no problems does not mean problems dont exist, loads of people have crashes/bugs etc and it seems lots are experiencing issues after recent updates. 

(Keith MacKenzie TeamODZ) #34

Seems like there’s a simple solution to this.  Zwift ought to allow lower-level users the ability to join a group ride up the mountain.  That way they get to experience it and build points to achieve higher levels.  

Oh, wait a minute… they DO do that, don’t they?  

(Keith MacKenzie TeamODZ) #35

Neil Lloyd, I’m guessing you reached out to Zwift support by opening a ticket in the support pages regarding your problem?  

(Neil Lloyd) #36

Yes Keith, i did. As this thread was about levelling up i felt it rellevent to point out levels are not achievable if the system doesnt record rides. Even more so because despite the ride being visible Zwift does not have the software to be able to add the stats even after the fault has been found.
Have to agree that all riders should be able to ride where they want, its not like these upgrades are paid extras. However i also agree that unless i was a regular rider i doubt i would want to ride up a mountain on the one day a week i manage to get time in on the bike.

(Garibaldi Downhill) #37

Comment deleted by admin for abusive language and name calling. 

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #38


If you don’t see the value in Zwift you are free to move onto another platform, no one is forcing you to stay here. No need to continue sticking with and/or bashing a platform you are unhappy with. Just move on and you will have less stress in your life.

I don’t see how calling Zwift users “douches” is helping your cause any.

Have fun in what ever platform you choose and Ride On!

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #39


Please refrain from the name calling on these forums.

Stay or go it’s your choice, I don’t care one way or another.

(Stuart Middlecoate) #40



You are bang out of order with your last post.  Absolutely uncalled for and you should be ashamed of yourself.