Alpe Du Zwift Level 12 :-( :-( could be bye bye zwift

(Martin D) #1

Why make a big feature like Alpe Du Zwft level 12???

I only really ride the Zwift mountain loop as climbing routes are what i enjoy best, alo with family committments i can only get a couple of evenings on the trainer each week (2-3 hours), so its going to take a LONG time for me to get from level 7 to 12! 


I could just ride flat routes to get the XP up quicker but if i prefer hilly ones whats the point in that? Zwift should give more XP for mountain rides. 

When i saw the Alpe Du Zwift announcement i was thinkng of sticking with Zwift but as it wont be accessible to me for a long time i might just spend those hours on Bigring VR instead

(Martyn Kimberley OP [B]) #2

Have you tried some of the focussed workouts? Completing the workouts earns more XP which means you climb the levels faster.

I have gone from newbie to Level 15 in a few months doing a couple of workouts a week and maybe a weekend ride when the weather is bad.

Just a thought…

(Dave Dewey) #3

Zwift is a game, not just a training platform. Features like this are common in game platforms to keep you interested in progressing. Join a group ride that’s going up the mountain… Or, just suck it up, ride your bike. :slight_smile:

(Donald Groen) #4

I did read that you also can enter Alpe Du Zwift when doing a groupride. Look for those rides…

(Geoffrey Easton ZHR G) #5

It essentially rewards those who have been with Zwift longer and put in more subscription monies. Don’t see anything wrong with that.

(Paul Firth BRT B) #6

It’s a target - targets are good. If you really can’t be bothered with the effort then maybe it’s cycling, not just Zwift, that’s not for you.


(Martyn Kimberley OP [B]) #7

Just had a quick review. 1st October i was on Level 3. On 9th January Level 12. All my Zwift action was workouts as i had a dumb trainer (used stages for power output).

So if the OP is already on Level 7 then i think about 6-8 weeks of workouts could do the job to Level 12. Get cracking on some workouts to improve your sustained output which will prepare you for the Alpe du Zwift climb.


(Andrew Smith) #8

I think the OP is right to be annoyed by this. Everyone pays the same monthly fee (well, newer subscribers will actually be paying more), why shouldn’t everyone have access to all the features?

It’s not really a game - you don’t need to learn new skills to progress to the next level, you don’t ever complete or win the “game”. It’s software to make turbo training fun. Being able to wear some stripey socks because you’ve reached level 18 is fine, but getting locked out of a major new feature because you don’t have as much time to spend on  your turbo as other people isn’t.

If I was in the OP’s position I’d definitely cancel my Zwift account and make sure they knew why. I’m obviously in a minority on this judging by the other comments, but I really feel this is a bad move, even though it doesn’t affect me as I’ve reached level 18.

(Gerrie Delport) #9

Andrew how about those that payed when there was not even a volcano climb do they get there money back?

It is fun to have some sort of challenge, I would have liked it if they said those above Level 12 need to climb 1000m after the climb was opened to unlock the route. That would give those above Level 12 also a new challenge.


(Garibaldi Downhill) #10

Personally I think its ridiculous, the amount of courses is already a joke compared to things like bkool so to bring out a new course and not let me use until Ive done the amount of time Zwift dictates feels like a big pair of fingers in my face.

(Paul Firth BRT B) #11

Surely the only problem with Video playback routes like Bkool is that it only feels authentic if you’re doing the same watts as the original camera recording, otherwise doesn’t the video just speed up or slow down depending on your speed. And everything around you either goes into slow motion or fast forward??


(Garibaldi Downhill) #12

Ermm, no not really, I actually find it quite immersive, particularly hilly sections, Im sure it requires some bandwidth to a degree but Im only on 6mb campo wifi set up.

You can also race against others in a sort of ghost mode, even have your previous best times as ghosts etc.

Hey, Im not here to promote the other one at all, im just saying it as I find it, but I dunno, Zwift seems clunky in general and im pretty much bored after 6 rides. I just like certain group rides. The reports are poor on zwift, interface clunky, closes down after every ride. 

Chalk n cheese

(Nigel Doyle) #13

I make it that getting to level 12 starting from scratch is 700km of riding. Not really a lot is it?

To be honest after doing the ride last night and taking 54 minutes just for the climb section and riding hard, I doubt that I will be riding it much.

(Paul Allen) #14

Agree with Nigel, in that is will be used on a limited bases for most users.

If you are not at a high enough level yet, then you have more of an incentive to put the miles in on Zwift. I ride on Zwift for fitness and since I have been at level 25 for over a year there is no in-game incentives for me on the riding side. I did start running on Zwift recently and am only at level 7 so I do have some in-game incentive there, but again my main focus is fitness.

After be on Zwift for so long (2 1/2 years) and seeing all the climbs introduced (Epic, Volcano and others) they are popular to begin with, but after the initial rush is over users move back to the flats and only do the climbs sparingly. When I am running I can really notice the difference in the amount of users on the flats compared to the climbs.

It’s nice that Zwift introduced this, it should get an influx of users for a while, but I would like to see more flats with some rolling hills sprinkled in.

(Garibaldi Downhill) #15

700km not a lot? I d say it is for most people that have to work 40 hrs plus a week, it isnt that the distance is a lot but the time is limited. Also most average folk and new users are chucking out 100 watts not 300 and suffering saddle sore after 20 mins for the first cple of months. No, I dont think its fair, it needs to be achievable with just a bit of effort within the month timeframe and the next payment due

(Paul Allen) #16

I work 40+ hours a week with an hour drive each way and still can get in over 4 hours of riding each week along with about 4 hours of running and a couple hours of swimming. If you want to achieve your goals you are going to have to put in the work and maybe make some sacrifices. Nothing wrong with earning the right to ride the mountain.

(Mantis Toboggan M.D AHDR) #17

I work more than 40 hours a week and didn’t have a problem getting to the Jungle stages.

I only started zwifting at Christmas and am just about to unlock lvl 17, an hour a night soon builds the Xp up. 

(Gerrie Delport) #18

If you have limited time and riding at 100w then the Alpe Du Zwift is not for you, Yet. @2.5w/kg it will take 1.5hours. 

Zwift has a lot of roads to ride. If you are new to Zwift then there is a lot to discover.

How many times do new Zwifters go to the top of the radio tower?


See it as a reward to keep you motivated. 

(Paul Firth BRT B) #19

Garibaldi - I’d second the comment above - If you’re at the stage where you’re outputting 100 watts and only doing 20 minute sessions, then you REALLY don’t want to be doing Alpe Du Zwift! So better not to have that option yet? I too work long hours and have been immersed in Zwift for about 3 months and thoroughly enjoyed improving my power and speed to get to level 13.

(Charles Rodgers) #20

Alpe Du Zwift, Why is the ride not showing on the app as a route?