Alpe du Zwift: leg times no longer retained? [June 2022]

Latest trip up AdZ, I noticed my PBS for each of the 22 legs were no longer shown. The weird graph for my current pace vs PB was not visible either.

Noticed as of 1.26.1 - AppleTV, if that matters.

I think I noticed this last night.

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Same here since 1.26.0 on Win10 :thinking:


I suspect this may have happened when we extended 30 day PRs to 90.

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I don’t suppose anyone has a screenshot where it did show a segment PR?

I’ve been trawling YouTube and I can’t find any.

With the current version ( it starts to show on your third climb in the same ride ) or pre 1.26 ?


Pre 1.26 so I can show our developers what it used to look like.

Do you mean like this one? It shows the PR value for a segment, but not achieving it:

Sorry if I got the wrong end of the stick.


Perfect, thank you.

Cool. It’s from 3 Oct 2021 on iPadOS (always updated to latest OS and Zwift game version), in case you need to find out which release it was on.

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Everyone - this bug’s being worked on. We’ll update this thread as we make progress toward a fix.