Alpe du Zwift graphics glitch [December 2021]


This should have been fixed before TdZ stage 2 started!!

Now have two copies of the activity-can’t open either.

Thanks - Really sorry for the experience you had today.

When will it be fixed?

We have a fix ready to go out in the next patch. The date isn’t confirmed yet but it’s imminent, but sadly not in time for this stage.

I was able to save the ride after a few attempts and repeated crashed, but was not able to ride down.
Why was stage 2 planned on the route knowing there was this giant bug?
Fun is fast but Zwift isn’t :wink:

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Yes, it has just worked for me using a 2018 iPad Pro.


Thank you for having shared this discovery with everyone, @Jon_Meals. Excellent stuff! It’s allowed me to do Stage 2/A ride without a glitch. :star_struck:


Guys - Anyone affected by this bug, if it’s resulted in your not getting credit for the stage, please contact me directly (click on my name and then click on message.

We had hoped to have set up this event so that you would still receive event completion.

There’s a bunch of us here that are really sorry that firstly this happened and that secondly we weren’t able to fix it in time.


Just happened to me as well - iPad Pro 2015 on iOS 15.2, Zwift 1.21.0 (100317)

Edit: got my fit file from the ‘local save’ on my iPad, fixed it with fitfiletools and now it can be uploaded to Strava :slight_smile: instructions here: zwiftinsider dot com slash retrieve-lost-ride

Hi James

I was not awarded TDZ 2 route badge due to Apple Bug - IPad screen froze soon after Alpe KOM banner



I’m on AppleTV, and this is the main reason I did the TDZ 2 short stage.
I had a suspicion that it wouldn’t be fixed in time.
Major fail on Zwift.

It’s been reported on here for SIX MONTHS. Not being funny, but come on.


Apparently if you change camera angle to number 8 before you crud the banner to come back down it won’t crash. Temporary cure I know but easy to do.

Crashed on me also but I was able to save the ride by quitting from the zwift companion app on my phone. Press and hold the stop icon.
I run the game on my iPad. Hope that helps.

Since this seems to be the most viable solution to the problem, they should make this a sticky thread.

Wonder if Zwift will allow TdZ jersey unlock now for registered completion of just 7 of the 8 events?

Highly unlikely, as the programming of the TdZ would have to be overhauled.
Also, this only affects stage 2/A; people get the exact same credit in TdZ for doing *any *of the stage’s rides.
And there’s also make-up week in February….

I have asked for those affected to contact me to arrange for event credit.

Same thing happened to me this morning after PR on the Alpe in TDZ stage 2. Changing camera to setting 8 did not work for me. It really irks that with all the pro level events going on, Zwift has failed to fix this issue that effects it’s paid subscribers. Losing faith….


I will not ride up the Alpe until this is fixed. No sense busting my butt for a PR only to get no credit for it. Come on Zwift. This issue has gone on long enough.

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Has Zwift specified exactly who is and isn’t impacted? Ie. is it anyone running anything Apple, or just iPads or just certain OS’s or AppleTVs?