Alpe Climb ToW

I’m considering taking on the Alpe for the first time during ToW Stage 3. Question is, will I get the same benefits climbing it during this event as I would climbing it on my own? Spinner at top? Will it count toward badge achievements? Is there any disadvantage to climbing it during ToW as opposed to climbing it on my own?

One thing people might not expect is that they’ll only earn regular XP on the descent, since double XP has been stopping when riders reach the end of the official course, which in this case will be the KoM gate.

So, could you get almost to the top of the Alpe, turn around, get double XP on the descent and then climb it all again to earn even more? (and keep repeating?) Or does the turning around mean you are no longer doing the official course?

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That’s a damn good question! I’ll see if I can try that out on a Stage 2 ride today.

@Stuart_Grant thinking out of the box here. :rofl:

Climbing is not an efficient way to get XP points, the alpe is only 12km so you will get 12 x 40 = 480XP in a hour if you climb fast.

On a flat road you can do 40 km in a hour 30 x 20xp = 600xp on any day,

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Yea, I thought about this… The Category B route for the stage is actually 4-5 miles longer and at double the XP that’s quite a bit more XP for a lot less work. This may keep be from going the Alpe route.

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But does anyone know if the turning around and re-riding the same bits of course before crossing a finishing line still work for XP points and count as riding the event? And yes I agree doing on a flat ismuch more efficient. I would have thought Zwift would have closed “loop-holes” like this, but I thought it worth asking

I don’t think you can make a U-turn in an event.

One thing to remember on the ALPE if you make a u-turn you will need to go down past the start of the segment otherwise you wont get a star and the climb wont count for the 25 climb badge.

Okay, just tried it on S2B, MacOS client.

Neither the laptop nor ZC would let me U-turn. And when I came to forks in the road, although the prompt came up onscreen, I was not allowed to turn off the route. And of course after the finish, I was back to earning 1xXP.

So no go on using that to extend the double XP. Foo. ;^P

That’s normal behaviour for events. It would be much more straightforward if both the prompt and the action would not be there in that case.

There are a few cases where it would be really useful to be able to interact with waypoint prompts or U-turn during events for droppepd riders, e.g. routes that include the radio tower, or the Alpe in a lap (currently that’s only Four Horsemen AFAIK).

No disadvantage. You’ll get all benefits.

Safe to assume that you can still just coast down at zero effort after the event and collect the XP (at 1X, not 2X) for free (no drops unless you pedal down) still after the event is over?

yes. But agree, if the finish is at the top, you’d only get 20xp per km but always nice for free!!