Alp Map usefulness...

(G lorfindel) #1

I love Zwift!  And I very much appreciate the addition of the Alp!  Thank you!!


I have more feedback on the map of the Alp…

I think we can safely assume that the purpose of the map is to be helpful, however I’m not getting it.  

Keeping the arrow (the is me) in the middle of the box, and moving the map behind it does not help me in any way.  

Half of what I can see is where I have already been!?  How is that helpful?

And… much of the time I can only see a very small part of the map.  For instance, between corners 12 and 7, when out at the switchback, 80% of the map is just blank space.  Again… not helpful in any way.

Perhaps only show a bit of the course behind me, and a lot more of what’s to come.

The course/road could be color coded to show the upcoming grade… 8% to 10%, 10% to 12%, etc…

The map could zoom in and out as needed to better show what is coming up (depending on the length of the segment), rathe than simply moving back and forth…


Thank you,


(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #2

I like the idea of colour-coding the map. Same could be done with the side-on elevation profile map shown the rest of the time. 

(Nic Haarhoff) #3

I agree on the elevation stuff.  They used to have grade as a % with a decimal point.  Much more useful as you could see the changing grade and direction the grade was moving.  Very helpful in shifting as grade is not easily discernible in 2 dimensions as it is in the real world when it comes to knowing when to shift.  Now (particularly on the Alp) you go from 4 to 12% grade with no warning.  By the time you shift you are too late, particularly on the corners where the grade changes significantly in a short time.  By the time you shift to a harder gear the grade is climbing again and you get bogged down.  It’s like a guessing game, or just stay in one sub-optimal gear the whole time.  I like your color idea.

I’ve been submitting stuff on the map usefulness for a long time now, and the grade issue.  I wouldn’t hold my breath on anything happening.  I was told they are more “game” focused for mass appeal rather than providing a serious training tool.  That’s why I like the color idea, makes it all shiny and fancy for the gamers, but may help us serious folks too if they are not going to bring back the decimal point (which they still use in the demo and app store screen shots I might add).